Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Contact @ Studio V

Sphered, originally uploaded by visithra.

... I get to watch the Special Advance Screening of the much anticipated Star Trek movie, a whole week before the local official release. woohooooooooooooo

"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations - to boldly go where no man has gone before."

There's gonna be activities and the captains chair! ;p

This is a nerd alert I repeat this is a nerd alert ;p hehehe

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All gods are same

Religion to me is the same – a kind of belief based on faith regardless of which kind you’re part of. Even atheism is a form of religion if you ask me as they believe in the wonders of nature and the credibility of science.

All gods are the same to me as they’re based on nearly do same principals – the basic principal that is – do good to others and be humane.

What I don’t get is when the devotees turn into over zealous fanatics and try to convince everyone they know to convert with them.

When my dad was diagnosed with kidney failure numerous Christian groups knocked our door telling us to convert as Jesus would save us.

Now I have nothing against Christianity but I believe all gods do the same thing. You believe in them, have faith and hope for the best. And I’ve seen miracles happen in my life, heck I have one that happens everytime I’m in dire need for reassurance.

So why is there a need to claim your god is better than mine or vice versa?

Then there are the atheist. I had an uncle who had recently become an atheist well he jumped religion a few times and last I heard was still jumping. Anyways he insisted that if we hadn’t believed in god my dad wouldn’t be sick!

I know I was just 15 then but even I knew that was a load of bull. I think I told him, wait till you get the flu I’ll ask you why you believed in god!

All gods are the same regardless of which religion, so stop preaching yours is better than anothers!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Omg - whoa

Originally uploaded by Adarsh Padegal
This was a rajastani folk music (manganiars) performance in India in 2008. First i was so struck but the amazing stage idea. i'm like wow. and then i heard them and watched them on youtube and I have no words.

This is why i love indian productions.

ehhehe funny

local tamil song - but the video oh my god ;p

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Positive vibes ;)

The exhibition finally ended on Sunday with the funniest incident. Kaz had packed up and left earlier, I decided to wait after the evening crowd went in for the shows. I didn’t realize how famished I was until I sank my teeth into the sandwiches I had ordered at our second home, the restaurant next to our exhibition area. So once everyone had left I slowly took them down and as I was making my way to my car I heard a familiar voice. My friend had just arrived hoping to catch the exhibition.
He was rushing from another event and if he had been 5 minutes late I would have left. I told him if he wanted I’ll show him piece by piece and so he and his gf got a personalized showcase of my work ;)

That was the feeling we had throughout the exhibition, wonderful support and love from walk in visitors and our invited guests. Thank you all and now let’s look at the last 2 months.

We’ve had a whirlwind month or two preparing for the exhibition. One of the things we decided early on is we will meet up every other weekend to discuss and finalise things for the exhibition.

So one week we met up to finalise the brochure design I had been working on, then it was to meet and discuss the printing, then to meet and pass our images to him. He is a brilliant man btw, his passion and love for photography gave us the confidence that he will make sure our work was splendid and he didn’t disappoint.

Of course to celebrate we had to indulge in what I call heaven on earth. Kaz hadn’t had it before and she agreed it definitely was heaven – Delicious’s amazing brownie, drenched in chocolate sauce and ice cream.

We met a few days later to see the first stage of printing. We were blown away at home beautiful they looked. I was so tempted to remain with the glossy finish but I knew it wouldn’t look good with glass in front of it. We were practically jumping around in excitement. A few days after that we met up again to collect the framed products. However our quality control and production director didn’t approve them yet. A bit of sloppy work from the people at the framing company, but our printer assured us he’d go watch on it himself for the second round. So we got the images in the nick of time on Saturday all perfect ;)

We were a bit too tired to enjoy them before the setting up. Setting up was another whirlwind. We didn’t realize it was the Chinese festival Guang Ming and ended up on a goose chase trying to buy stuff. We really didn’t have time earlier to get them, well that’s the excuse we’re sticking to ;p.

Anyways we managed to get everything and rushed to KLPAC without even having lunch.
That’s when the next challenge posed itself, deciding where each image went. We got them all out and lined them to the walls. People started immediately noticing the images and we’re walking around. Trying to keep in track to our goals, we walked left and right arranging them to their spots making sure they were right in place. At one point we had to change the location of a group of shots coz we couldn’t figure out how to get them to hang the way we wanted. It turned out to be perfect as we got this amazing combination.

If you stood at one angle of the white boards you would see the human shots and the other way round you’d see the architecture shots. Stunning eh? Kaz realized it first ;p

Our production Director Ali was the man behind all the hanging. We were the holders and adjusters. You see he is a perfectionist, if he does something he is the only one who does it! and believe me you’ll get amazing results.

We solved our not enough string crisis when we realized we didn’t need that much string. One of us was paranoid they would fall, the other was worried they wouldn’t be stable and the sane one thought we were crazy. You figure who was who;p

I went out to get us lunch and kinda stopped at the first shop I could find. Thankfully the food was ok. By the time we were finished with setting up, it was 6 pm, and it took us 6 hours! Phew we were exhausted. So after they both left, I decided I’ll shoot the images one by one for memory and just soak in the atmosphere.
Oh we love these benches which kinda move around in the week (yes they have a life of their own and we let them be ;p), but they are amazing spots to just sit and enjoy the exhibition.

Since we’re both working and starving artists ;p we only head off to KLPAC during the weekends. But I thought I’d go check on everything on the first Wednesday and just eaves drop on people’s reaction.

It’s a different feeling to watch people discuss their favourites and feelings not knowing the artists are around. I was quietly reading a book in a corner and I suspect maybe one or two thought they recognized me. Overall people loved it though we had some snide remarks from some photographers and later on I found from a college kid. Our guest book was nearly filled so we had to prepare another book. A lecturer has made our exhibition a working assignment – need to go find out who he is.

Saturday morning arrived and it was our first day at KLPAC as well as our opening. That morning I had dropped by florists and bugged the guys to figure which were the best flowers to get though I desperately wanted my fav kind – roses. Finally I settled on orange shades of roses. They looked stunning at the exhibition.

What we weren’t expecting was getting lovely flowers from our friends. A bouquet arrived without the owner for both of us and 2 arrived from a blogger friend. Will get back to this later.

We tidied up things and was chatting with the KLPAC staffs when friends started coming in. Kerv was the first to arrive with his gf. We had decided we were going to shoot everyone with their favourite shots from the exhibition of both our sets. So we had fun making people pick and as you can see a lot of people had the same favourites.

People began streaming in and we were busy chatting with everyone. Again most people had beautiful things to say. And it was lovely to meet old friends and make new ones. We’d speak to some of the walk in visitors and they would be so happy to meet us. We’d give kids our secret stash of sweets and most of everyone who came on the first day was given a small gift of a cd of the exhibition and some cookies.

Ali got our cd slides ready and the funny thing when he were preparing the cd, I got a call saying they’re adding Indian music to the cd coz they’d fallen in love with it and I was like err whose the Indian here? Hehehhe

It’s a beautiful addition and hope you guys enjoyed it. It was a perfect idea since most of our friends aren’t based in Malaysia, so this is especially for all of you.
KLPAC is a beautiful place to be and a lot of first timers arrived and fell in love with the place. I bumped into people I knew or vaguely knew who were arriving for the evening programme. KLPAC usually has some activity happening around the hall.

There was this lovely performance in the foyer which I will write more about later. I already told you what happened while I was watching the performance.

After much procrastination I bought tickets to the show Rasa Unmasked. Just as I was entering the hall, the gal at the door goes “you’re the photographer aren’t you?” heheh interesting moment ;p

It’s become a Sunday ritual to receive calls early in the morning ;p A friend called up to see if we would be getting in anytime soon since he was already there, while I’d have loved to I was seriously too tired to do so. That was the beauty of our time at KLPAC, I really thought I’d have some time to read the books from the library but there was always someone dropping in or someone new to meet who wanted to hear more of our experience. We’d just finished talking to someone and following a 10 minute break someone else would turn up ;)

We got people to do some crazy antics – well they had no choice ;)

I had a friend who dropped by again in the evening just to meet me after having enjoyed our exhibition earlier in the day. We caught up with some lovely stories though by then my camera battery had gone flat!

Another actually returned a week later with his whole family to catch the exhibition and I finally met their lovely children.

It was pretty much a reunion of old friends and meeting of people that are part of their lives. I met so many friends wives/gf/ husbands/ bfs/ children/ friends for the first time. Thanks for bringing your families and friends along as well people.
I have to write about this group of students we met on our second Saturday there. The college students had taken a bus from Kelantan or kuantan (I need to reconfirm this I have a bad memory) in the morning to arrive in KL to watch a theatre production – aircon and then leave the very same night. To their delight they got to see an exhibition as well and I was told this was their first exhibition. The kids were shooting with every single photo we had over there. I’m glad we got to share this with them.

We’ve also had amazing support from the staff of KLPAC and the founders themselves. I have to write something on them, yes I’ve got lots to say. They ensured that even if we weren’t around, our exhibit was well looked after and after each show they’d give out our brochures as a promotion. Thank you everyone.

Overall we had a good time to meet old and new friends and showcase our work to the public. The reaction has mostly been amazing and we’re thankful for the opportunity.

Thank you to everyone for the support, for coming, for supporting us even though they couldn’t attend, for encouraging us and for the love.

Now I need to go catch up on sleep!

ps: the photos are still up for sale ;) contact me if you want them ;)

oh and do pick a favourite - we got everyone to pose with theirs ;)

Jaded Light Ancient Beauty in destruction Silence Rings of time

Mystical Dreams are made here

Perplexed infinity

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet memories

Ponggal is a huge celebration among university students in Malaysia. I used to be part of a community that had a series of events in conjunction to the festival. The first Sunday of the month will be the univ wide celebration in the wee hours of the morning which will be followed by a grand cultural night in a months time. I've also written on this before.

The morning celebration was dubbed Danau Ponggal as it is usually held at an open space in the reservation area in our Univ. We’re a super green university with wide land area. The thing that was special about the event was each college (our hostels were called college) had to build a pantal (tent) which was made of natural items, then they had to decorate the tent with religious or themed items, cook the ponggal the fastest, answer a quiz on the items used and why it was use, why certain items are used in hindu religion and take part in a few games. Every college participant must be dressed in traditional clothes, each member found not properly dressed will lose marks for the college team.

So the afternoon before the guys will go around the neighbourhood raiding farms and homes for banana trees, palm leaves, bamboo, mango leaves and anything else they can use to build humongous themed tents. Then everyone will join in to pitch time building the tent.

The next morning we’d dress up and get there with game plans. Each team member had a different assignment, building, serving, answering quizzes, cooking the rice and so on.

Ah the rice cooking had its own points, the fastest boiling of the milk, loudest screaming of ponggalo ponggal, and the best tasting one. Coz the ponggal might look like ponggal but it could always be uncooked. Also no artificial substance can be used to heat the flame nor slanting of pot was allowed– so we used to huff and puff to get the milk going.

We had loads of fun and my memory was jogged when I found these clips on youtube. We didn’t have dances then but I guess it’s a new addition, check out the tents at the back at the end of one of the videos ;)

Back in time

These are 2 videos Malaysians will enjoy as they're gonna bring back memories. But most of you would enjoy watching the first one - its a instant noodle ad - which i remember n loved then. Have fun

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you ;)

Thank you ;)
Originally uploaded by visithra
This kid was the last one I spoke to at our exhibition. By the time he got there, everyone had left and we had just had dinner and kaz had left. I decided to linger to figure out it i was going to watch rasa unmasked (which i did) and this kids mom comes to me and goes are these photos yours, my son thinks its you.

So we had a long conversation and I ask the little darling which was his fav and wahla you have it at the back. we tried to shoot nearly everyone who came or spoke to us with their fav shots from both of us. Will upload those later - let me tell you one thing though - this was nearly everyone's fav of my shots ;)

Thanks everyone for coming, all the messages and love.

We'll be there tomorrow and next weekend as well ;) Come and say hi ;)

For more information - view our facebook event

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank you flickr ;)

ps : I wrote this for more flickr friends 10 days before the exhibition. Thought I'll put it up here as well ;)

aPRIL 6 - 19, 2009 oooooo

The exhibition has been on for a few days now and the reaction has been tremendously welcoming. It reminds me of my journey in this photogrphy world. I’ve been on Flickr since Janury 2005. I’ve always been drawn by photography but due to the expensive nature of film photography, it was always explored only during our travels.

My first upload on Flickr was a shot taken by my dad. It’s a very symbolic image as dad and I were always behind the camera but the thing about that shot was he never saw the end result. The photo was only developed after his demise.

Anyway my photography journey on Flickr began with a phone camera and scanned shots of our film photos. The quality of the hp image is questionable (since back then the technology had just begun growing) but there was potential and it definitely fuelled the passion.

January 2006 I purchased my first digital camera – the canon powershot a620 and never looked back. I learnt everything I know about photography with that little monster. I shot everything under the sun, read every single online site and magazine on photography terms and techniques and shot only with a manual setting. I would go through tonnes of images, learn and study what made an image.

I didn’t take any shortcuts. People assume they can take better photos by just copying others or buying a better camera or being a plain parasite learning from others without taking the time to brush up on their knowledge or acknowledging them. My advice to anyone who’s reading this if you really want to learn something brush up your basics, take the time to read the theory itself.

Only then did I start enhancing my photos with image tools like photoshop and picnik. Believe me I have done all the things you shouldn’t do like over contrasting images. But it definitely helped with the learning process. I joined groups on Flickr that criticize your flaws and tell you what you need to do. It’s a very painful process but it helped.

Then there were the friends I made.

I was looking through my contact list and realized Jimreeves was my first contact. I once told him if I needed to be happy I’d visit his stream, as there’s always such joy and love in his photos.

One of my earliest contact, guide and friend on Flickr would be Ezee. I think we’ve known each other for nearly 3 years now?

Ezee used to take the time to point out my errors and my one phase of over processing.

“actually thanks for telling me - n no way am i cross - i do want to learn more so unless someone points it out i won’t know” … from an old mail

Piscesdreamer has been another delightful friend who, I’ve known since way back in 2006 (I had to check).

Then there's Devilmangod probably one of my first Malaysian flickr friends. I still remember the first shot of his that got me hooked – a portrait of a violinist.

December 2006 I joined the local flickr group and met some wonderful friends. 3 of us instantly clicked, Kenmin, Kervin and Syiqin.

That’s also where I met Johan. Johan has been a very important essence of my photography journey. You could call him my mentor, I learnt a lot from him.

He is always willing to teach and guide anyone. I learnt most of everything I know about off camera flash from him. Till today he is the one I would go to in regards to learning about a camera or purchasing one. I hadn’t wanted to get a kit lens when I was shopping for a dslr.

Johan gave me the best advice ever, listen to me you only need 2 at this point – the kit and the 50mm. and he was absolutely right.

So I never visit camera shops or doubt Johan, instead I bug him ;p When my camera got songkranified in Thailand he’s the one I ran to while limping (I had a nasty fall at that point);p

There’s another thing I love about Johan he takes the best portraits of me! If I ever decide to get married he’s shooting my wedding ;p

Flickr was also where I met Kaz, the friend I’m exhibiting with. Kaz frightened me at the beginning, it’s a pretty usual reaction because she is one strong personality of a woman.

We clicked on a 2 day trip to Malacca when she famously saved me from being deserted on a highway. Of course right before her car scared the daylights out of me. Since then we’ve been through loads and now people think we’re sisters! I’m told the resemblance is amazing! ;p

Though truthfully our mothers are the ones who look like 2 peas out of a pod though they don’t think so!

Kervin and I clicked instantly. Our photography journey has been pretty similar. We both swear by our tiny little p&s cameras and our photography is strikingly similar. We would have shot the same spot at different timings and yet we would be astonished with how similar it looked. We even purchased our dslr’s at the same time. He’s the kind of friend you always want by your side.

My other muhibah (harmonious – different race) siblings would be Syiqin and Kenmin. We’ve had some good times and here’s to wishing more in the future.

I also met my long lost twin on Flickr – Sonja – we look so similar it’s pretty amazing. There’s also a bond that has formed there that’s been wonderful.

Of course not all my time on Flickr has been memorable, there were the politics, the stealing and the weird emails. But I’ve learnt to move on and remain on Flickr despite all that. There are definetly more pros than cons.

Most of you who visit my stream would know one thing – I nearly always don’t reply to emails, comments and take forever to add contacts. The volume of mails I receive usually goes unread, even now I have about 1100 plus unread emails. I’m nearly useless when it comes to replying emails, I blame it on lack of time and lazyness. But mostly to the fact that before I add someone to my contacts, I check their stream for potential (are you really serious in photography?), groups they’re in and their passion for photography. Most of the unread emails are of contacts I am yet to explore coz I don’t believe in adding people for courtesy sake only.

One person would know that very well, Ashok used to send me numerous emails which I think I finally responded, 6 or 10 months or a year later. Ashok is another photographer here on Flickr that aspiring photographers can learn from, he threw himself into his passion for photography and in a short time has become an amazing photographer. Though he credits me for inspiration, I humbly say I don’t deserve any credit. My images may have inspired you, but the talent was all yours.

The other names that I’ve met through Flickr that come to mind, some of whom are no longer active here are addicted eyes,mardala, mode, guilio bassi, magicinlife, umacer, nidhing, tom sketching, joe cashin, inglian, petra, srini06, din nazir, abetam, Trixinc, suresh C, Robert lio, anna rina, blackfin, marshmallow, hangingpixels, stuck in customs, meghna, rescuedog, tjflex, varungm, stockie, hippopapa-mama, creative eye, Samuel barr, emuishere, 4-6, tjunkie,kabir, adipek, yaancheela, sherrieberrie, amkay, ekster, waa, abro, altamash, syahrin, ted, jimreeves, magnus, hakim, selinz, suren, October blue, enricken, khairul, rob surreal, joan batistia, dr faisal, shukjai, gabra, mizie, awi, lombap, belanda, absolute xman, sanzen, eric lafourge, orangecrazy, nika fadul, febinjoy, ace clicker, eatzycath, swarnendu, love to be fuzzy, Jennifer esperanza, murali, kuuan, che esco,razik, tony George, panache, nagen, cairo2world, harirockford, well2k26, cantfindit, akash, grom, kuntal, srijith, sanky s, munkey kon, paren, rajendran, ang,, guochai, bharathiclick, rajesh burman, szeke, fir, joefotos, peeve, garryloke, , malik, the taleteller, sakthivel, which main what cross, dizzei hellboi, paran gupta, bigguy1611, stewart james, lorenzodom, vinay, vinod, binoy, dr vivek, rGz, rkmenon, superkarmen, Sachin, and more from my 563 contacts (I definitely missed out a lot of people).

Thank you everyone for constantly encouraging me with your comments, for adding me as your contact (1343), for ignoring the fact that I probably haven’t added you as a contact or rarely drop by your stream, for the constructive criticsm and for the inspirations.

Thank you all for the 430,000 over visits to my 3200 over photos in the last 4 years.

Ps : this tribute is specially for people I’ve met through Flickr ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Madman's diary

At the spur of the moment I watched the one act play the Madmans Diary after Gogol by Will Gluth and directed by Joe Hasham at KLPAC yesterday. It got a standing ovation! That's how good it was – go watch it if you can, the brilliant acting, the continuity, he had us captivated and that simple set, wow

The light was so amazing I so wished I had a camera. I was sitting next to a photog who was taking the most weirdest compositions. I wonder if he was shooting n cropping later? But errr hummm I was so tempted to take the camera from him and shoot this one shot I had in mind arggggggggggg.

I had been there to eavesdrop on the reaction to our exhibition and decided I’ll catch it instead of having dinner ;p

Reaction: our feedback pages are full of lovely comments (we need more pages) and its super fun to watch people tell each other which were their favourites. There were snide remarks from a group of photographers – on the grounds of we can shoot that too ;) lol the usual

Yayyyyy ;p

ps : its a busy month at KLPAC so many things to watch and of course our exhibition as well ;)


Do watch this ;)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Linky time

I actually read a lot of tech news. Mostly because that has become my industry but truly because some of those stuff are so damn interesting. Some of the news are old as i wrote this post a few weeks back ;p

Someone finally solved those drunk dial episodes! Maybe it can be used for emo dialing and blogging ;p

I hate the new facebook design. So does 94% of users.

Don’t panic – Gmail’s got a panic button.

I’ve got a series on the ridiculous AIG bonuses and would you believe a few months back the same thing happened with Merrill Lynch and no one blinked???

Technology screwed up.

Apparently if your kid walks on the street you could get arrested! Yikes our parents are criminals!

I want a US100 home too!

For once the camera shot the photos and all they needed was a P&S in space. ;p

oh for photos we shot - go check out our exhibition ;p

we will be there during the weekends ;)

Monday, April 06, 2009


Originally uploaded by visithra
i am so in love with this shot which is part of my portraiture gift to my cousin who will be doing her bharathanatyam arangetram in May.

The suit she is wearing is older than her about 20 years to be precise as it was my first bharathanatyam suit ;p

Oh yes yesterday we set up the exhibition and its all ready ;)

we will be there over the weekend ;)

aPRIL 6 - 19, 2009, KLPAC

Friday, April 03, 2009


A few days ago someone dropped some of my dance costumes at my favourite dobi shop. The uncle quoted her a price and as he was checking the costume. He found my initials on the costume (its their tagging system) and immediately asked are these Visithra’s?

After inquiring how I was, he immediately reduced the prices for the wash. (yes we get special prices everywhere – people like us).

Funny thing is, I haven’t been there in years.

A friend introduced them to me about 9 years ago when I was looking for a reliable dobi. The previous few I had used had damaged my sarees. The place was a rundown shack by the corner of the road. You walk in to find the room bulging with sarees and ironed clothes. He worked his magic on my sarees and we have been loyal customers ever since.

When I changed jobs and the place got too far for me to go to. Dad got assigned the task to deliver and collect our sarees. A friendship blossomed between both sides and the occasional times I would go there, the uncle would tell me stories and wonder where dad was.

A week before my dad passed away, he had gone to place a few sarees for dry cleaning since my parents had just gotten back from India and Navarathri had just ended. That and the uncle was all forgotten in the events that followed.

Sometime later we remembered that our sarees were there and were due to be picked. Only then did we realize that we hadn’t told the uncle about dad’s demise. I spent a good half of 2004 gently telling people that dad was no more. It had to be gently done as, the reaction were always same, disbelief.

I finally went to see the uncle and he asks

How are you ma?

Appaveh pahkurathe illeh?
Haven’t seen your dad in a while.

I slowly told him the news. The uncle who had been looking for our sarees was so stunned he had to sit down. It took him a while before he could actually speak again.

It took all the courage in me to not break down as the uncle reminisced about dad.

That was the second last time I went there. I stopped going as the uncle would get sad everytime he saw me. So we got different people to send our sarees for us.

Anyway I was reminded of why I stopped going to see the uncle after the person who delivered the costumes came back amazed with the value of my name.

I was telling the same story to a friend on Wednesday afternoon as I decided it was about time I went back to see the uncle and capture the uniqueness of the place. I have wanted to photograph the place forever.

That evening I find out one of the uncles (the elder brother) had passed away on Wednesday afternoon in India. As you can imagine I was just stunned. While I was relieved it wasn’t the younger uncle, I’m still shocked by the coincidence and the lost.

May his soul rest in peace.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Boomi thodatha pillaiyin paatham


.... there's this tamil song that describes the colour of a babies feet.

Pachai nirame from Alaypayudhe - the lyrics was written by poet Vairamuthu

Puttam pudhiyai ratha roja
Boomi thodatha pillaiyin paatham

the song actually describes different variations of colour by nature - when he was describing red - his examples were

the newly bloomed colours of a blood red rose
the feet of a newborn child that has yet to step on earth

Babies feet are the most precious little gift god has given us.

Wow - I've wanted to shoot this forever.

The full lyrics

Pachai nirame pachai nirame
Icchai oothum pachai nirame
Pullin sirippum pachai nirame
Enakku sammatham tarumme

Pachai nirame pachai nirame
Illaiyin illamai pachai nirame
Unthan narimbum pachai nirame
Enakku sammatham tarumme
Enakku sammatham tarumme
Enakku sammatham tarumme

Kilaiyil kaanum kiliyin mookku
Vidalai pennin vettilai naakku
Puttam pudhiyai ratha roja
Boomi thodatha pillaiyin paatham
Ellam sivappum unthan kohbam
Ellam sivappum unthan kohbam

Anthivaanam araikkum manjal
Agni kollinthil putha manjal
Thanggathoddu janitha manjal
Kondrai poovil kulintha manjal
Manjal manjal manjal
Malai nilavin maragata manjal
Ellam thanggum unthan nenjil

Sakiye... snegithiye, kadhallil kadhallil kadhallil niramoondu
Sakiye... snegithiye, en anbae anbae unakku niramonndu

Alaiyilatha aazhi vannam
Mugilillatha vannin vannam
Mayilil kazhithil vazhum vannam
Kuvalai poovil kuzhaitha vannam
Ootha poovil ootriyae vannam
Ellam senthu kannil minnum
Ellam senthu kannil minnum

Iravin nirame iravin nirame
Karkalathin mootha nirame
Kaakai chiraggil kaanum nirame
Penmai ezhuthum kanmai nirame
Veyilin paadum kuyilin nirame
Ellam senthu koothal nirame
Ellam senthu koothal nirame

Sakiye... snegithiye, kadhallil kadhallil kadhallil niramoondu
Sakiye... snegithiye, en anbae anbae unakku niramonndu

Vellai nirame vellai nirame
Mazhaiyil odaiyum thumpai nirame
Vellai nirame vellai nirame
Vizhiyil pathi ulla nirame
Mazhaiyil odaiyum thumpai nirame
Unathu manase nirame
Unathu manase nirame
Unathu manase nirame

ps : our photography exhibition is just days away;p