Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You may squirm ;p

A very close family friend gave birth to her third child recently. When we went to see her hours after the birth, she gave us a very candid account of the c-section much to my moms dismay and my delight ;p

So if you're the squirmish kind don't read on.

Since she was having the flu, the drs only gave her an injection to numb the lower part of her body. At about that time she realized she was able to see the whole operation through a mirror on the ceiling. Having never seen one and being super curious she decided to watch herself being operated!

Her : this little tiny knife did so much damange – one slit and I was dripping in blood!

Her : did you know they take out the kid as if they're fishing for something out of a full box! They push left and right before yanking the kid out!

Only after seeing the baby did she realize that she was still open and noticed the inside of a body looks just like the inside of a slaughtered chicken!

The dr finally came back to sew her up only this time he was conducting lessons for a trainee. Of course before starting the dr pushed around her insides into place and wiped of any access liquid.

I guess curiosity got the best of her! ;p

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Jessen said...

So difficult to deliver but so easy to find a good baby shop. :) if you know what i mean.

WayeYoung said...

Lol. Good info..
Inside of the human body = chicken's XD