Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vadai Story

2009 Vis version ;p

once upon a time
there was a kaka
scouting for a vadai

he flew left right
down up

and he couldn't find one single patti

he finally found one still married patti suttufying vadai in the anjadi

so vadai looking kaka asked anjadi sitting patti

still married patti went un kannuleh kohli vehka
n threw a vadai at the kaka

kaka gupsufied the vada n thought irundhalum kehlaviku too much nenupu
oru vadaiku ivlo poi sohlratha?

kaka parandhufied to his usual spot above unsuspecting car park

carpark resident beggar sd hey kakka nee surya maari iruhke - oru pathu padhen?

usharified kaka stashed vadai into hole in the tree and said

nah enna engeh tata maari muthalla?
and ammukufied his vada

while stomach burning beggar cursed from below

the end

ps : the link on the previous post was wrong - I have rectified it ;p


ashok said...

vivek narrated in similar style to explain "kuruvi" storyline...:)

Shakthi said...

Kewl one

கீழை ராஸா said...

Yes I accept, There is no blog...!!!

என்ன கொடுமைங்க இது...?

IBH said...

reminds of the good ole days when Pravs used to come up with such stories :)

good one :)