Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Show off

One of my ex classmates just got married today few days shy of his 30th birthday. All of us are attending the dinner and so it's been a riot of message threads on Facebook.

The thing is we have this one ms show off in our class. Since school she must always be the top in class, better than everyone else and the centre of attraction. She was a brilliant student but then so was everyone else since we were the top class in our form. In case you scored higher than her, believe me she would rather show off your marks as her to her parents that admit the truth.

Anyways after school I said gd riddance to her after a series of actions coz of her bloating jealousy vein.

A few years back we all met up for a reunion at a friends birthday party. Throughout the conversation she goes on and on about how her job takes her all over the world since she's working for the government. She's gone here and there. She has a secretary who is older than her - so stupidla. Sharing is one thing and boasting is a totally different thing. By the second hour I was so fed up with her nonsense I just gave one statement.

"After dad passed away I took over his car and gave mine to mom to use. We decided not to sell of my car since paying for both wasn't a problem. Since bro had a car we got her signed up to get her drivers license."

She stopped boasting after that for the rest of the evening.

Now I get home to check facebook and there's this long line of congrats for our classmate and this one note from her that stuck out like a sore thumb. The women repeated UK 5 times in a 3 line paragraph.

Is she trying to take the thunder of this guys marriage or did she need to remind us she was there and in case we forgot she needed to sign off with it as well?

I have friends who fly out of the country on a weekly basis. I actually have to message them to figure out where they are. Most of the time I won't even know they've been out of the country. Everytime we meet up I'd go so where were you and where are you heading next. And only then they'd tell us.

Of course with facebook status it's become super easy to let people know you're not gonna be in the country. Usually they's say I'm off to ....... and that's about it.

Grrrrr I hate show offs.

Thank god she's not gonna be in town, I wanna have fun with my school chummies ;p


hyperX said...

Chill... forget about the attention seeker.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show, once again, that you're a girl with 'attitude'. There are not many who will be able to 'get' you, your complex personality, your deep vulnerabilities, but I pride myself that, at least in Malaysia, I do.....strange, I've never met you, yet I have good instincts as to how you 'tick'.....not an easy girl to 'push over', as your 'curse' (for want of a better word, sorry)....your very raw intelligence, appreciation for and capability to 'create' many things beautiful, deep spirituality, love and caring for the unfortunate ones, but too many (for my liking anyway) old fashioned ideas/behaviour styles in your complex head, and yet always embracing/slanting modernity whenever it suits your selfish, self-centred needs/wants, always wanting to have things your way of course, but I suspect, at the end of the day, not a really cool head on those shoulders. Not to worry, you're not alone, some people would classify you as a Gen X/Y Female, already suffering a midlife crisis, ("Is 30 the new 50?"), it's a pity you don't know men like me, I'd be such joy to talk to. Does that sound a little arrogant?

All the same, good luck, you're by a long distance my favourite female in Malaysia.

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