Sunday, March 15, 2009

Randomness - 16

I haven't done a tag for a long time. Then there's a slew of tags on flickr and facebook. I was wondering how come I've escaped them and I guess the tag gods heard me and I was double tagged on both by Vatsan and Sonja.

Since Vatsan only tagged me after I did Sonja's - he's only gets 16!

16 RANDOM THINGS...... about me

1 I LOVEEEEE children (pretty obvious)

2 but I hate spoiled brats and rude children (I’m not talking about the naughty ones – love those)

3 I LOVEEEEE the rain – I can just sit and watch it and I still play in the rain

4 I’m obsessed with India – but I always long to come home (Malaysia) no matter what

5 I love unconditionally once a person is a friend

6 but if they hurt or betray my trust on purpose, I’ll ditch them and not regret a second of it

7 I love the smell of children which you can only smell when they’re in your embrace

8 I am not afraid of my own death but it freaks me out if a friend or a young one dies

9 I have lost 2 friends I had never met to accidents and it shattered me – that's why I try to meet all my friends whom i've met through the net at least once

10 I still jump around like a crazy nut

11 I don’t like show offs, people who lie and cheat, back stabbers, bullies, racists or religious bigots, malicious people,

12 when I’m tensed, down or moody – I watch a movie at the theatre or travel somewhere

13 I am enamored by people who can sing, compose and play music – the more knowledge they have the more humble they are – the fake’s aren’t though

14 I feel in love with a 60 year old carnatic musician when I was 23 – I would marry him in a heart beat today as long as he promises to sing for me everyday – though I think his wife would kill me ;p hhehhee

15 I suffer from the – I love my eyes, my name and my birthday - vainness – I hear there’s no cure ;(

16 I have 2 addictions – spicy food and cold drinks – I cannot live without them – that’s why I never tried to become a professional singer ;p

I struggled to figure out what to write at 15 and 16 – the nonsense stopped flowing at 15 – oh I’m not tagging anyone – but do tag yourself and let me know – I’d love to read it ;p

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