Friday, March 20, 2009


I took three quizes on facebook. Yes I have a habit of taking them - 50% have been accuratela ;p

Anyways here are some results ;p

"What Is Your Japanese Name?" (pretty correct - the japs got it right)
if your a girl your name is:Rin And if ur a guy your name is:Seiko

Rin means dignified,severe,and cold your respected and admired and people might be a little scared of u:) And

Seiko means force and truth so you like the truth even if it hurts and your honest with almost everyone.

What is your real age?
real age is 30 years old!

(this is not the first time I scored my exact age - good eh ;p - oh yes come Dec 30 - i turn the Big 3-0 - yahoooo)
See similar results in 2005

Are you clinically insane?
Your Result: Bipolar (can't agree or disagree ;p)

Ever wondered why you're so moody? You experience days or weeks of paralyzing, cheeto-binging depression, then a week of frenzied, hyperactive, ridiculously irresponsible behavior characterized by wild thoughts, sleepless nights, maxing out credit cards, having unprotected sex with dozens of strangers... or shaving your head and attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella. Some might call that chemically imbalanced... others call it "passionate" or blame it on the "artistic temperament". Whatever you call it, you could do with some balance... and Abilify.

Take them and let me know ;p


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