Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's the camera!!!

"Your camera takes amazing photos"

Chris says: your camera takes amazing photos mate.
Sam says: Thanks mate. The photographer plays a role as well.
Chris says: Yeah, but you need an amazing camera.
Chris says: I need to get a camera as good as yours so I can take pictures that good.
Sam says: *sigh*


“Unfortunately, I am in the opposite situation. I have many pictures of the family in my house. I built a 'gigapan' style robot using Lego to automate panorama taking.

Just after it was completed, my 5 year old grandson wandered in, looked at it. and asked, "Grandad, what does your robot actually do?"

"It takes pictures for me"

Long pause then, "It doesn't do it very well, does it."

Funny right well it's the most stupidest argument most photographers have.

Every photographer who takes good photo will be nodding his head in agreement. I’m not talking about wannabe photographers who think getting a dslr will guarantee good photos. Do read the rest of the post on flickr for laughs and why we photographers get irritated when people assume it’s the camera that creates amazing photographs.

That’s not all the exhibition I’m doing in April, we'll all my photographs and part of my friends photographs were shot with a Point and Shoot camera.

We just met our printers for the first phase of printing and he has become our fan. He was proudly telling the crowd which had gathered in his shop when he started showing us our photos

"see its not the camera its the person!"

So if you think a camera determines the creativity of an image come to my exhibition or just search flickr for point and shoot camera pictures. You'll be amazed.

ps : seeing your photos in print that huge was unbeliveable - we were jumping like kids high on candy! ;p

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