Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Pig U


I was researching words in Tagalog when I found out that love was called
gugma, pag-ibig

Before I proceed let me apologise to every Filipino who may drop by here – I'M SO SORRY but it’s just too funny! I could easily say

I Pig U;p

That’s not the only weird one out there – take tamil they say


That’s like the number one thing people ask me to teach them in tamil and its such a mouth full. I tell them forget it I’ll teach you Chinese instead


There you have your foreign language – now go impress your gf.

Oh but I do like how it sounds in Kannadam

Hindi is not bad either.
Pyaar/ ishq/ prem

I’m not sure how its said in telugu but I may assume they were fighting given everytime I see people conversing in Telugu I get scared.

But the really funniest one is the Malay version. I have never heard anyone pronounce their undying love in Malay. Unfortunately I have been on the receiving end. My ex (bless his soul) who wasn’t local, thought I would be touched if he professed his love in Malay and I had no heart to tell him it tickled my bones till no end. So everytime he said


I smiled and acted as innocent as possible. Of course the one plus point in Malay would be the word

SAYANG = affectionate love

Now that word can be used anyway anytime and even shortened to YANG and it would still sound lovely.

Still I truly believe got old English is the best language to profess your love and repeat it. It’s simple, sexy, romantic and charming. Of course you can always say

I Pig U ;p

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Ai Shiang said...

I'm impressed. That's an excellent shot. Were those originally candles?