Monday, March 23, 2009

30 days


March has been super busy. There’s the new job, new responsibilities, the exhibition, the production of the exhibition, my superbly busy social life and my want to rekindle the artistic side of my life.

Last week after finally signing our exhibition contract, I headed straight to the home of the newest addition to our circle of family friends. I was there in time to watch her enjoy her morning ritual. Hindu babies go through a string of rituals upon birth to strengthen their body. Well we have a ritual for everything. Basically they are done to strengthen and nourish the soul and body.

She was such a delight, enjoying the smoke and lapping up her medicine. Weird kid, I still don’t like medicine! Right after she just falls asleep and I’m like hello how am I supposed to play with you if you’re always sleeping? Lol of course her elder brother now the middle child is not one bit happy I’m shooting his new sister. He’s planning to ban me from their house ;p

The next day we headed back to KLPAC to check out the venue so plan out our execution process. We got back in time for me to join the family out for tea at a family friends place. There were photos to see (bro’s wedding) and wedding preparations to discuss (another friend was getting married).

I got home in time to start dressing up for my ex schoolmates wedding. The wedding was gonna be our class reunion since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. The funny thing is all of us still live in the same area but don’t have the time to meet up.

We had so much fun. Though I’m sure one of our classmates wasn’t too pleased that his wife found out he wasn’t the angle he described himself to be. Apparently he’d been telling his wife he was a good boy in school. Lol.

The next Friday I was out during lunch picking up our exhibition posters only to reach back to Midvalley to find all their parking spaces filled! If I’m not mistaken they have about 4000 + parking lots and everything was full. It took me a good 40 minutes of circling to finally find a place. Resolution of the year – if I ever need to leave Midvalley, I’m taking a cab!

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