Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vadai Story

2009 Vis version ;p

once upon a time
there was a kaka
scouting for a vadai

he flew left right
down up

and he couldn't find one single patti

he finally found one still married patti suttufying vadai in the anjadi

so vadai looking kaka asked anjadi sitting patti

still married patti went un kannuleh kohli vehka
n threw a vadai at the kaka

kaka gupsufied the vada n thought irundhalum kehlaviku too much nenupu
oru vadaiku ivlo poi sohlratha?

kaka parandhufied to his usual spot above unsuspecting car park

carpark resident beggar sd hey kakka nee surya maari iruhke - oru pathu padhen?

usharified kaka stashed vadai into hole in the tree and said

nah enna engeh tata maari muthalla?
and ammukufied his vada

while stomach burning beggar cursed from below

the end

ps : the link on the previous post was wrong - I have rectified it ;p

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's the camera!!!

"Your camera takes amazing photos"

Chris says: your camera takes amazing photos mate.
Sam says: Thanks mate. The photographer plays a role as well.
Chris says: Yeah, but you need an amazing camera.
Chris says: I need to get a camera as good as yours so I can take pictures that good.
Sam says: *sigh*


“Unfortunately, I am in the opposite situation. I have many pictures of the family in my house. I built a 'gigapan' style robot using Lego to automate panorama taking.

Just after it was completed, my 5 year old grandson wandered in, looked at it. and asked, "Grandad, what does your robot actually do?"

"It takes pictures for me"

Long pause then, "It doesn't do it very well, does it."

Funny right well it's the most stupidest argument most photographers have.

Every photographer who takes good photo will be nodding his head in agreement. I’m not talking about wannabe photographers who think getting a dslr will guarantee good photos. Do read the rest of the post on flickr for laughs and why we photographers get irritated when people assume it’s the camera that creates amazing photographs.

That’s not all the exhibition I’m doing in April, we'll all my photographs and part of my friends photographs were shot with a Point and Shoot camera.

We just met our printers for the first phase of printing and he has become our fan. He was proudly telling the crowd which had gathered in his shop when he started showing us our photos

"see its not the camera its the person!"

So if you think a camera determines the creativity of an image come to my exhibition or just search flickr for point and shoot camera pictures. You'll be amazed.

ps : seeing your photos in print that huge was unbeliveable - we were jumping like kids high on candy! ;p

Monday, March 23, 2009

30 days


March has been super busy. There’s the new job, new responsibilities, the exhibition, the production of the exhibition, my superbly busy social life and my want to rekindle the artistic side of my life.

Last week after finally signing our exhibition contract, I headed straight to the home of the newest addition to our circle of family friends. I was there in time to watch her enjoy her morning ritual. Hindu babies go through a string of rituals upon birth to strengthen their body. Well we have a ritual for everything. Basically they are done to strengthen and nourish the soul and body.

She was such a delight, enjoying the smoke and lapping up her medicine. Weird kid, I still don’t like medicine! Right after she just falls asleep and I’m like hello how am I supposed to play with you if you’re always sleeping? Lol of course her elder brother now the middle child is not one bit happy I’m shooting his new sister. He’s planning to ban me from their house ;p

The next day we headed back to KLPAC to check out the venue so plan out our execution process. We got back in time for me to join the family out for tea at a family friends place. There were photos to see (bro’s wedding) and wedding preparations to discuss (another friend was getting married).

I got home in time to start dressing up for my ex schoolmates wedding. The wedding was gonna be our class reunion since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. The funny thing is all of us still live in the same area but don’t have the time to meet up.

We had so much fun. Though I’m sure one of our classmates wasn’t too pleased that his wife found out he wasn’t the angle he described himself to be. Apparently he’d been telling his wife he was a good boy in school. Lol.

The next Friday I was out during lunch picking up our exhibition posters only to reach back to Midvalley to find all their parking spaces filled! If I’m not mistaken they have about 4000 + parking lots and everything was full. It took me a good 40 minutes of circling to finally find a place. Resolution of the year – if I ever need to leave Midvalley, I’m taking a cab!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I took three quizes on facebook. Yes I have a habit of taking them - 50% have been accuratela ;p

Anyways here are some results ;p

"What Is Your Japanese Name?" (pretty correct - the japs got it right)
if your a girl your name is:Rin And if ur a guy your name is:Seiko

Rin means dignified,severe,and cold your respected and admired and people might be a little scared of u:) And

Seiko means force and truth so you like the truth even if it hurts and your honest with almost everyone.

What is your real age?
real age is 30 years old!

(this is not the first time I scored my exact age - good eh ;p - oh yes come Dec 30 - i turn the Big 3-0 - yahoooo)
See similar results in 2005

Are you clinically insane?
Your Result: Bipolar (can't agree or disagree ;p)

Ever wondered why you're so moody? You experience days or weeks of paralyzing, cheeto-binging depression, then a week of frenzied, hyperactive, ridiculously irresponsible behavior characterized by wild thoughts, sleepless nights, maxing out credit cards, having unprotected sex with dozens of strangers... or shaving your head and attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella. Some might call that chemically imbalanced... others call it "passionate" or blame it on the "artistic temperament". Whatever you call it, you could do with some balance... and Abilify.

Take them and let me know ;p

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A message in Abraham Lincol's watch.

This is an interesting site. You can key in and check on companies you have worked in or aspire to work in. Is the company really what it says it is?

and finally entertainment - lol what was he thinking??

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why I don’t drink

ps : it's a super long post

pss : I actually wrote this last week before I realised what day it was the next day.

I don’t drink. While I’ve tried quite a number of concoctions, I’ve never liked the taste. Thankfully I ain’t one of those up-nose people who condone others who do. It’s a personal taste – live with it!

The thing is while I’ve always maintained that it has to do with the super bitter taste (how the hell do you ppl drink that stuff), I think unconsciously I’m freaked out about the consequences.

Excessive drinking usually leads to one of 2 things kidney failure and liver failure. It may not immediately kill you, but the dying process is unbelievably painful.

“Hey but it’s not the number one killer!”

Let me tell you something, you have no idea what the patient and their families go through.

I was 13 and just out of my tuition class I was waiting for my dad to come pick me up. I still remember that night vividly. My dad’s car stops and as I was about to get in when he tells me go find someone to drive the car. He looked like he was in intense pain.

I got out and looked around and found a family friend of ours about to drive away in his car. I managed to stop him and told him what was going on. He rushed out and headed straight to dad and assuming he was having a heart attack we headed to the temple to pick up mom and rushed dad to the hospital.

That was our first brush with emergency rooms, first of many such visits.
It took the drs a while to figure out he wasn’t having a heart attack. My dad’s kidney’s had both failed. Finally the renal specialist sat us down and gave us the grime news.

Both my dad’s kidneys were no longer functioning. The dr had warned my dad about the situation months before (which he didn’t tell us). The cause was identified as a young age wound to the hip which was not treated properly and intensified by my father’s history of high blood pressure. Apparently he had been living most of his life on one kidney thanks to that accident. The injured kidney had long shrunk to the size of a penny.

The funny thing is while my dad was a light drinker, he was the one who followed the strictest food regime at home – low salt, low sugar ext.

We had 2 options to immediately begin dialysis treatment or arrange for a kidney transplant. Most kidney failures are caused by excessive drinking but the cases like my dad though not common, are usually high risk cases where transplant is usually not recommended.

You only need one kidney to live but on the condition you control your diet. Kidney transplants don’t come cheap and then there’s the nearly impossible task to find a matching donor. Malaysian rules then, denote that the wife and her relatives cannot donate their kidney. Only a relation from your side of the family or children can donate a kidney. We also cannot receive a non blood related donors kidney unless they are pronounced dead and are registered organ donors. The waiting list for that is pretty long.

So the only option we had at that moment was to undergo dialysis. Dialysis does the exact work your kidney would do outside your body. Blood is streamed out into a dialysis machine and cleaned out of the unabsorbed minerals and residue from food and drinks. The process takes about 2 hours and must be done at least 3 times a week.

People undergoing the treatment are usually advised to go vegetarian, REMOVE salt from their food and avoid a list of high mineral foods especially those that contain potassium such as Durian.

My dad used to be crazy about durian while both me and my brother rarely eat mutton he loved it. So the whole family went through drastic change in our diets. About a few months back I had decided to become a full time vegetarian which my mom decided to follow. Dad hadn’t been happy about it but now he had to become one as well. Salt was totally removed from food cooked at home. We practically ate saltless food or with the bare minimum necessity for 4 years.

My dad was the sole breadwinner at home, mom was a housewife, I was 13 my younger brother was 11. So he would wake up at 5 am in the morning and head out to his dialysis centre in PJ with mom. Come home at about 8 rest for a while and then head out to work. In 1992 this was still considered an uncommon ailment. While his office was understanding about his situation, he still needed to work.

Dialysis may seem like a god sent cure but it is a painful process that slowly drains your body of the mineral it needs and causes side effects like brittle bones and teeth and more. It’s what you would call a slow killing machine. In 1992 there were no free dialysis centres or subsidized centres. It was an expensive process that was a necessity to them.

Most people couldn’t even opt to have a transplant as their bodies were too weak for the procedure.

You would think people would have been there for you in your time of need. Let’s just say people took advantage of our situation, used us, my mom’s mother who my parents had been looking after post her operation, abandoned us saying she wasn’t gonna live in a sick man’s house, my dad’s sister who offered her kidney and retracted it after getting what she wanted from dad and the works. You wonder why I hate most of my relatives ;p

There is a silver lining to the story. All this and my dads deterioting health pushed us to head to India to get the transplant done. India thrived on medical tourism then which was an unheard term. In India you could legally purchase kidneys for donors that were screened by the hospitals. The cost is huge but comparing it to my dad’s life it wasn’t a big deal for us. The sad thing is the donor actually gets very little money.

There was this one night none of us could forget. Dad was on his way to India to discuss some business opportunity. It was during a navarathri celebration and I was performing at this temple in Batu Caves. We reached home to receive the dreadful news that dad’s flight had to be redirected to Singapore on an emergency. Dad had suffered an attack during the flight take off. This was another side effect to the dialysis. We hadn’t realized that patients need to perform a dialysis on the day of departure to avoid attacks to their system.

The bill for that was a very interesting number. Someone in our family actually made a plane land ;p NOT funny.

That kind of sealed the deal for us. We decided to head to India to get dad’s kidney transplant done. We were warned against it as dad was given only a 10% percent success rate due to his high blood pressure condition. We didn’t really have much of a choice at any rate whichever way he could die. It was better to take the risk then see him suffer.

My dad insisted that we should follow him no matter what. If he was going to die he wanted his family near. Can you see the trend? Our family has practically lived in hospitals and faced death so much we’re kind of used to the word!

Anyway right after my PMR exam in1994 the whole family quietly packed up and headed to India. I’ll leave out the details about our trip, I think I’ve written about it or maybe another time.

First we had to find a donor and mom insisted on a young man. Getting someone to match itself was a problem, getting a younger man took us 2 months. In that time we lived out of a hotel for a month as Chennai isn’t friendly to foreigners. It finally took a mention of my moms caste to get us a place a month later! In rome live like the romans!

I don’t know how many times god smiled on us. The whole trip was one miracle after the other. My dad’s operation was the second last legal kidney transplant in India. Right after that, the Indian government banned the purchase of organs from living donors. He freaked out his drs by waking up right after his 4 - 6 hour surgery and asking them was it a success, heard the answer and lost councuse again!

The nervous wreck family sitting outside were puzzled to see the dr come out smiling. All he told us was, in all my years I’ve never seen anyone wake up after all that medication!

My dad was placed in a single ward ICU. No one gets to go in besides the nurses and drs. My mom was allowed in only a week or two after. So we could only see each other from this little window and dad was in a lot of pain.

Even after weeks of precisely matching a donor organ, the body can easily reject the organ as it reacts to the organ as an intruder. So to reduce the rejection percentage, patients need to consume the cyclosporine tablet. The tablet cost about RM1000 – 2000 for half a month. A patient cannot live without these tablets.
This tablet helps reduce the patients white cell count so that the body is always weaker which makes them vulnerable to common diseases. So while the diet can be relaxed a bit, patients still need to ensure they don’t even catch a cold. Not only does it take longer to heal but could risk your health and the vigor of the donated organ.

It didn’t end there for us a week before we were planning to leave for home, that caught an infection and was put into intensive care again and the drs refused to let us go. By the time we got back we had been in India for 4 months and missed 3 months of school.

My dad still had to wear a mask to reduce infection rates for about a year, of course being him, he took it off in less than 6 months. Dad lived about 10 years after his transplant. He was one of the few transplant patients who successfully beat the odds. That of course was attributed to the fact that he remained a vegetarian for the rest of his life, ate a balanced diet with reduced intake of salt and sugar and stayed away from potassium.

Despite all that, he still had to deal with 3 heart attacks caused by blot clots formed due to the consuming of the cyclosporine tablets. One of the few side effects to taking the pill. The last attack took his life. We believe if he had lived then, his kidney may have failed him.

It took my dad 10 years to pay up the bills he accumulated from purchasing the medicine and undergoing the transplant which he paid using credit cards. Middle class people are neither rich enough to help themselves nor poor enough to receive help. We did get some donations from the company and colleagues he was working with. Dad used to joke that if his kidneys hadn’t failed we’d have been millionaires. ;p

The government only began subsidizing the cost of the medication and dialysis of renal transplant and failure patients in 2001. A much welcome relief for many patients.

I wouldn’t wish this even for an enemy. The family and patient have to go through just about hell for survival.

I don’t think I would even have the courage to go through this and neither would I be able to afford any of it.

Though my dads condition wasn’t hereditary, I freak out everytime I have even a slightest renal related symptom and proceed to bug my dr to conduct tests for me. I once did 2 urine tests 2 weeks in a row much to my drs protest to make sure I was ok. We came to the conclusion I was plump but everything else was healthy give or take the occasional flu. Paranoia can be good! ;p

Oh there’s something called insurance right? Well don’t even get me started on that bunch of liars. My dad had a great eastern insurance package from years ago and when he got back, he was promptly told we do not cover any operations outside of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei! I wonder if we died there would they tell us I’m sorry but we don’t recognize death in any other countries. You are still alive to us, please ensure you pay up your monthly bill or it will lapse!

Did you know about the women disease clauses? The new disease clauses? The virus infections like SARS? SORRY people they don’t cover you ;p

Let’s just say insurance agents don’t like me!

The morale of the story is drink within your limits, eat healthily, eat more veges. If you get injured, for god sakes go check it up. Don’t overdo anything including the healthy stuff. Too much or too less of anything is bad – the key word is balance. And do regular checkups.

If you can and if you want to, become an organ donor. It’s a super easy process. Here’s how I became one.

So think the next time you decide to binge on alcohol or red meat. Think about those huge needles that they will poke into you to cleanse your blood!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Randomness - 16

I haven't done a tag for a long time. Then there's a slew of tags on flickr and facebook. I was wondering how come I've escaped them and I guess the tag gods heard me and I was double tagged on both by Vatsan and Sonja.

Since Vatsan only tagged me after I did Sonja's - he's only gets 16!

16 RANDOM THINGS...... about me

1 I LOVEEEEE children (pretty obvious)

2 but I hate spoiled brats and rude children (I’m not talking about the naughty ones – love those)

3 I LOVEEEEE the rain – I can just sit and watch it and I still play in the rain

4 I’m obsessed with India – but I always long to come home (Malaysia) no matter what

5 I love unconditionally once a person is a friend

6 but if they hurt or betray my trust on purpose, I’ll ditch them and not regret a second of it

7 I love the smell of children which you can only smell when they’re in your embrace

8 I am not afraid of my own death but it freaks me out if a friend or a young one dies

9 I have lost 2 friends I had never met to accidents and it shattered me – that's why I try to meet all my friends whom i've met through the net at least once

10 I still jump around like a crazy nut

11 I don’t like show offs, people who lie and cheat, back stabbers, bullies, racists or religious bigots, malicious people,

12 when I’m tensed, down or moody – I watch a movie at the theatre or travel somewhere

13 I am enamored by people who can sing, compose and play music – the more knowledge they have the more humble they are – the fake’s aren’t though

14 I feel in love with a 60 year old carnatic musician when I was 23 – I would marry him in a heart beat today as long as he promises to sing for me everyday – though I think his wife would kill me ;p hhehhee

15 I suffer from the – I love my eyes, my name and my birthday - vainness – I hear there’s no cure ;(

16 I have 2 addictions – spicy food and cold drinks – I cannot live without them – that’s why I never tried to become a professional singer ;p

I struggled to figure out what to write at 15 and 16 – the nonsense stopped flowing at 15 – oh I’m not tagging anyone – but do tag yourself and let me know – I’d love to read it ;p

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Pig U


I was researching words in Tagalog when I found out that love was called
gugma, pag-ibig

Before I proceed let me apologise to every Filipino who may drop by here – I'M SO SORRY but it’s just too funny! I could easily say

I Pig U;p

That’s not the only weird one out there – take tamil they say


That’s like the number one thing people ask me to teach them in tamil and its such a mouth full. I tell them forget it I’ll teach you Chinese instead


There you have your foreign language – now go impress your gf.

Oh but I do like how it sounds in Kannadam

Hindi is not bad either.
Pyaar/ ishq/ prem

I’m not sure how its said in telugu but I may assume they were fighting given everytime I see people conversing in Telugu I get scared.

But the really funniest one is the Malay version. I have never heard anyone pronounce their undying love in Malay. Unfortunately I have been on the receiving end. My ex (bless his soul) who wasn’t local, thought I would be touched if he professed his love in Malay and I had no heart to tell him it tickled my bones till no end. So everytime he said


I smiled and acted as innocent as possible. Of course the one plus point in Malay would be the word

SAYANG = affectionate love

Now that word can be used anyway anytime and even shortened to YANG and it would still sound lovely.

Still I truly believe got old English is the best language to profess your love and repeat it. It’s simple, sexy, romantic and charming. Of course you can always say

I Pig U ;p

ps : Join us at our photography exhibition here

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Show off

One of my ex classmates just got married today few days shy of his 30th birthday. All of us are attending the dinner and so it's been a riot of message threads on Facebook.

The thing is we have this one ms show off in our class. Since school she must always be the top in class, better than everyone else and the centre of attraction. She was a brilliant student but then so was everyone else since we were the top class in our form. In case you scored higher than her, believe me she would rather show off your marks as her to her parents that admit the truth.

Anyways after school I said gd riddance to her after a series of actions coz of her bloating jealousy vein.

A few years back we all met up for a reunion at a friends birthday party. Throughout the conversation she goes on and on about how her job takes her all over the world since she's working for the government. She's gone here and there. She has a secretary who is older than her - so stupidla. Sharing is one thing and boasting is a totally different thing. By the second hour I was so fed up with her nonsense I just gave one statement.

"After dad passed away I took over his car and gave mine to mom to use. We decided not to sell of my car since paying for both wasn't a problem. Since bro had a car we got her signed up to get her drivers license."

She stopped boasting after that for the rest of the evening.

Now I get home to check facebook and there's this long line of congrats for our classmate and this one note from her that stuck out like a sore thumb. The women repeated UK 5 times in a 3 line paragraph.

Is she trying to take the thunder of this guys marriage or did she need to remind us she was there and in case we forgot she needed to sign off with it as well?

I have friends who fly out of the country on a weekly basis. I actually have to message them to figure out where they are. Most of the time I won't even know they've been out of the country. Everytime we meet up I'd go so where were you and where are you heading next. And only then they'd tell us.

Of course with facebook status it's become super easy to let people know you're not gonna be in the country. Usually they's say I'm off to ....... and that's about it.

Grrrrr I hate show offs.

Thank god she's not gonna be in town, I wanna have fun with my school chummies ;p

You may squirm ;p

A very close family friend gave birth to her third child recently. When we went to see her hours after the birth, she gave us a very candid account of the c-section much to my moms dismay and my delight ;p

So if you're the squirmish kind don't read on.

Since she was having the flu, the drs only gave her an injection to numb the lower part of her body. At about that time she realized she was able to see the whole operation through a mirror on the ceiling. Having never seen one and being super curious she decided to watch herself being operated!

Her : this little tiny knife did so much damange – one slit and I was dripping in blood!

Her : did you know they take out the kid as if they're fishing for something out of a full box! They push left and right before yanking the kid out!

Only after seeing the baby did she realize that she was still open and noticed the inside of a body looks just like the inside of a slaughtered chicken!

The dr finally came back to sew her up only this time he was conducting lessons for a trainee. Of course before starting the dr pushed around her insides into place and wiped of any access liquid.

I guess curiosity got the best of her! ;p

ps : Hey don't forget to come for our exhibition sign up here to be reminded ;)

Friday, March 06, 2009



You place your lips on their cheeks and gently blow and the child giggles his heart out.

She tickles you, forgetting that your hands are bigger and you’re a more seasoned tickler! ;p

You heighten the pitch of your voice and say the simplest thing with eyes all wide and he chuckles to his heart’s content.

She whispers to you “where’s chittapa’s crying photo?” for the 12th time and giggles her head off!

She jumps on you and decides you’re her swing and hugs the life out of you– ouch but awww.

He does what he shouldn’t and then peeks at you while flashing a cheeky smile.

She blurts a million stories in a second and and all you got was – cat – drop – throw!

You ask for a kiss and he lands a sloppy sweet kiss on your lips and flashes his brilliant smile and goes “I kisssu”

Ah bliss – the simple joy only children can bring!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

April 6, 2009

Beauty in Destruction

I am such a tease.

But one super excited person!


You're invited to our first photography exhibition.

April 6 - 19, 2009
KLPAC, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur

The exhibition will feature photographs captured by Kaz and Visithra using a range of Point and Shoot, DSLR and film format Canon Cameras.

For more information - view our facebook event page

I hope to meet everyone at the exhibition - let me know if you're coming and when and I will try to meet you then.

ps : if we have never met, or we're not really good friends don't add me on facebook - I will ignore you. Do invite yourself to the event though! ;p