Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding chronicles!


Conducting a wedding is no easy business. Its not the work that’s exhausting but the coordination to ensure everything gets done and people don’t have panic attacks that tires you the most.

Well panic attacks are unavoidable especially when you have a bunch of siblings (the mom and her sisters @ the Sisters) with a similar character so much so the cousins decided to settle a few issues and tell them after the wedding only. Tip number 1 at any wedding if anything happens don’t tell the older people till after the wedding. Trust me it will save you a lot of heartache!

We have always believed in only maintaining relationships with people who have your best interest at heart. Experience taught us that and proved us right. So most of the people at the wedding were friends and the few relatives we are pretty close to. That saved us from any unwanted drama and we had absolute fun. Though we could have done with sleep! Blame my mom for having a 5 am wedding!

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs with a million rules. The thali needs to be picked up by a certain number of people at specific times. We practically opened the store for them as we were the first customers.

You then have 2 pre wedding events that are like a cleansing ceremony held at both families homes seperately. Family and friends gather together to drench each half with sandal paste, oil and more. The fun part is watching and urging the aunties to make a mess of the “victim”.

It doesn’t help to have a sister who kept urging everyone to mess him up even more. By the time we were finished with my brother he looked like some swamp monster.

Lets just say I’ve received enough blackmail threats ;p

I’ve also managed to stake claim on this huge grinding stone that used to be my grandmas. Thanks to everyone my mom has no choice but to hand it over to me. I also managed to poke fire enough to ensure my mom stops standing in the shadows coz shes a widow. Despite all the brainwashing I do mom still has those old habits that keep popping up every now and then.

While we were busy drenching the brother the taps began drying up. Apparently some pipe decided to burst itself on CNY and left us high and dry for 24 hours! You try washing up after an event! I kept bugging Syabas so much they practically started saying hello ms Visithra!

So the next day when water decided to play hookie again the Sisters went out shopping yet still managed to forget quite a number of essentials! Which gave me some much needed break to go pick up my stuff and stay of wedding preparations for a bit. Picked up the cousin and went about picking up all the stuff that needed to be done and the stuff they forgot. By the time we got back everyone else had turned up and water had finally resumed operations! Just in the nick of time!

My brother assumed he wouldn’t get drenched the next day since it was just sandal paste but unfortunately for him the sister prepared the paste and recruited the aunties and children to her cause!

Right after the event the first panic attack happened. Well how can you have a wedding without at least one?

..... to be continued

ps : this is post 1200 ( pretty slow given i reached post 1000th in November 2007 ;)

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