Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wedding Chronicles 3

Shots from the first nallangu (ceremony)

By the time we dressed up the rest of the boys had arrived all dressed up for the wedding. 3 cars were heading to the gals place and most of it were young boys. Seriously there were more young people at the wedding as they were kinda blackmailed to turn up. So not wanting to risk falling asleep everyone hanged around our house in the middle of the morning and followed the wedding car and headed straight to the wedding hall.

We were briefed with the rules which include no reversing the wedding car! Errr yeah anyways we shot of and just 5 minutes from the gals place we hear police sirens. Yep the wedding entourage got stopped in the middle of the morning! Apparently we ran a red light on a deserted road. 5 minutes later we were still waiting by the side of the road and we didn’t look like we were gonna budge anytime soon. I decided I needed to bug the cop instead coz I was more afraid of being late and hearing my mom complain! Turns out negotiations failed and the cop was delaying us on the pretext of not having his saman book.

So after another 3 minutes of mumbling to the cop about adat timing and even asking him to follow us to the house and saman us there we managed to leave. I guess he figured he’d take whatever he can take then hear me mumble anymore! Hehehe
We reached the gals place, did whatever we needed to do and left. The moment we hit the highway we separated from the rest and dashed off to the hall and arrived right on time only to meet the most irritating specimen of a photographer who was appointed by the brides side. I am waiting for the dinner to give him a piece of my mind!

I mean hello let me get out of the car first before you tell me to get out of the way. I know you want to get your shots but learn some civility first!
Anyways the wedding was a lovely affair and I remember thinking my brothers getting married! Oh my god just before he tied the thali! Everyone had a good time as it was a simple dramaless wedding.

I was seriously super tired and after our garland exchanging duty I quietly ran down and found myself a chair to just chill! Phew!

When we got home one of the arathi (welcoming ritual) takers decided to get money out of my brother! He immediately handed each an RM 1 – hheheh I guess he finally managed to pull one over everyone! ;p

After another set of rituals and sending off we finally got to really chill and right on time my nephew finally woke up and I finally found time to play with the kids though most had left including my friends daughter who was super popular with the crowd! Oh well will just have to see her another time!

Now little kiddo immediately set his sight on my friend. Apparently he has a thing for pretty gals! And so the 2 year old spent his time sitting on my lap and sight adikuraning (flirting with) my friend.

We even had time to offer the electricity reader man lunch but he politely declined with a bemused look ;p

I finally told the sisters what happened with the banana tree and they just laughed it off. See tip 1 is the most important tip ever! Phew weddings are super fun but so tiring!

I’m missing the kids though!

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Anonymous said...

So many pics, and yet there's no hint anywhere if you're in any of them.....pray tell us which pic has you in it?