Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding chronicles 2

Well how can you have a wedding without at least one? Apparently the banana tree and the tables hadn’t arrived at the hall.

My mom began her panic attack which could have been solved with my usual shake up but I wasn’t allowed to say anything. Finally it turns out the only thing missing were the banana trees which finally had to be cut in the middle of the night but the tables around as promised. Mom simply got over excited!

I was supposed to get a few hours of sleep since I had to get up at 2 am to get ready and head out to pick up the bride but well you can always plan! My cousins decided I was still needed to put another kolam at the wedding hall since they shifted the original kolam into the wedding hall.

So we headed there at about 11 pm to find our next problem. One of the banana trees had broken and fallen. Let’s just say we weren’t having the best of time with banana trees. My cousin was trying to tied the tree up when I found another uncle around and decided to do my puss in boots routine. I have the most adorable face that is impossible to say no to! Bugged my uncle to find a tree in the middle of the night and voila we got ourselves another tree!

Once they were finished with the tree they decided to concentrate on my kolam. It was supposed to be a simple white flour kolam but the men (in the family and my friends) decided it just was too simple. So they kept making me add colour to the kolam and at one point wanted me to cover the whole thing with colour. Thank god my cousins sisters and friends wife came to my rescue! Somehow we managed to convince them it will turn out well after it dries!

By the time we got back it was already 12.30 am and about that time my brothers friends began wondering if they could use my camera for the wedding. So I gave them a 30 minute lesson on lighting, composition and they did a pretty good job for a 30 minute lesson. I’ve managed to edit most of the shots by tightening the crop and correcting the lighting but I’m still impressed.

At about that time my cousin came back with this little fluffy kitten he found at the temple which he was planning to take care with the rest of his dogs! The kids (my nieces and nephews) who were supposed to be sleeping but actually weren’t rushed out and began playing with the cats at 1 am in the morning. The cat was seriously cute! Anyway we had to hide the cat as my mom hates cats so we hid the little thing in a basket and then I had to chase the kids to sleep.

My nieces and nephews love me but they’re scared of me too - surprisingly. So one 10 year old got sent up despite her protest of not being sleepy and the 4 year old was blackmailed into bed. I’ve promised my cousin I’ll give them a copy of my photo to blackmail the kids with! While I was downstairs the kid did listen to me but apparently the moment he realized I wasn’t there he got up to play. Suffice to say kid ended up being left at home during the wedding and woke up only when we got back to the house after the wedding!

So by the time I got up to sleep it was already 1.15am and I decided I might as well paint my nails then risk sleeping and missing the wedding! Which was a good thing as the house was super silent when I began waking up my cousins who were following us to pick up the bride. I’m pretty sure we would have all slept through!

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