Friday, February 06, 2009

Vel! Vel!

Bless me

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Thaipusam is here and whoaa the crowd at the chariot procession was unbeliveable! Where's a boycott when you need one??? Damn Batu Caves is gonna be crowded. Seriously people should go elsewhere plus they'd be less rubbish!

Transfixed Vel! Vel!
People have the civic conscience to bring down your rubbish with you from the caves and don't litter the area! Don't blame people and then throw rubbish as well. Bring a plastic bag to throw your rubbish and take it around with ya!

Plus if you're free on Monday head down to Batu Caves to help out with the cleaning! Join the facebook group here and spread the word!

So here's some photos from last night. toodles!

Stop? Go?

Blessings in a human crowd Staring back at you


Seal in Astral said...

nice pics ...i like your creative views. Long time did not hear from you.

visithra said...

hi thanks ;) im curious do i know u?