Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stay strong Eli

A woman made the mistake of trusting a man she once loved.

A man probably bragged a bit too much of his sexual conquests and got trapped (well i'm not sure how he got caught but he did).

And for this a bunch of people screamed murder and kicked out one guy and now they're at it again.

I like the fact that everyone thinks they're a bunch of saints and they can judge who is damned or saved.

i don't get what a persons personal life that doesn't affect anyone elses life or hurt anyone but their own family who have come to terms with the situation have to do with politics.

If a person was raped, forced into sex, forced to do things beyond their will then I'd help crucify them as well.

But here's a women who is being judged for trusting a man she once loved but instead has become a victim of greed, pervertness and political games and people are pointing fingers at her???

HELLO wake up ppl - she's the victim, the photos were released without her permission so get a grip.

We should be prosecuting the man who released those photos and supporting her instead of telling her to step down.

Just because I don't won't for her party it doesn't mean I won't support the call against victimising her further.

I hope she makes the right decision not to step down. You have the responsibility of being a guidance to other victims who are probably still being blackmailed or being hurt which such devious acts. If you crumble on pressure what hope do other women have? What does it say of your party if it accepts your resignation?

So stand up for your rights and don't let some idiot take advantage of your situation!

You're the victim not the perpetrator!


Gallivanter said...

Hypocritical bullshit of the highest order ain't it? I blogged about it too today.

BM said...

Yeah, all those people wanting her to resign should just have their brain checked!

visithra said...

Daniel : u said it - its pretty funny how they cry murder as if they're saints

bm : ppl need to get a life n focus on the bigger picture - her personal life is just that