Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

I don't celebrate Valentines day because i think its super hyped plus I don't believe in buying a stalk of rose for 20 bucks! but I believe in celebrating love - all kinds of love and you don't need just a day for it - so may everyday be valentines day for you ;)

Plus this way you get roses all year round ;p

wishing you love always


Anonymous said...

For those of us who've never met you, we've only a single eye to go with, but I think you're by far the most delightfully complex, yet lovingly beautiful, talented, so culturally 'tuned' Tamil girl I've come across in Malaysia.

Yes, be mysterious, be everything you already are, forever more.....

Happy Valentine,

ashok said...

I agree..V'day is much hyped. But life is too boring without some hype here and there :)

visithra said...

anon : thanks for the interesting message - happy valentines to you too

ashok : lol yes of course hype can be so fun ;p