Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wedding Chronicles 3

Shots from the first nallangu (ceremony)

By the time we dressed up the rest of the boys had arrived all dressed up for the wedding. 3 cars were heading to the gals place and most of it were young boys. Seriously there were more young people at the wedding as they were kinda blackmailed to turn up. So not wanting to risk falling asleep everyone hanged around our house in the middle of the morning and followed the wedding car and headed straight to the wedding hall.

We were briefed with the rules which include no reversing the wedding car! Errr yeah anyways we shot of and just 5 minutes from the gals place we hear police sirens. Yep the wedding entourage got stopped in the middle of the morning! Apparently we ran a red light on a deserted road. 5 minutes later we were still waiting by the side of the road and we didn’t look like we were gonna budge anytime soon. I decided I needed to bug the cop instead coz I was more afraid of being late and hearing my mom complain! Turns out negotiations failed and the cop was delaying us on the pretext of not having his saman book.

So after another 3 minutes of mumbling to the cop about adat timing and even asking him to follow us to the house and saman us there we managed to leave. I guess he figured he’d take whatever he can take then hear me mumble anymore! Hehehe
We reached the gals place, did whatever we needed to do and left. The moment we hit the highway we separated from the rest and dashed off to the hall and arrived right on time only to meet the most irritating specimen of a photographer who was appointed by the brides side. I am waiting for the dinner to give him a piece of my mind!

I mean hello let me get out of the car first before you tell me to get out of the way. I know you want to get your shots but learn some civility first!
Anyways the wedding was a lovely affair and I remember thinking my brothers getting married! Oh my god just before he tied the thali! Everyone had a good time as it was a simple dramaless wedding.

I was seriously super tired and after our garland exchanging duty I quietly ran down and found myself a chair to just chill! Phew!

When we got home one of the arathi (welcoming ritual) takers decided to get money out of my brother! He immediately handed each an RM 1 – hheheh I guess he finally managed to pull one over everyone! ;p

After another set of rituals and sending off we finally got to really chill and right on time my nephew finally woke up and I finally found time to play with the kids though most had left including my friends daughter who was super popular with the crowd! Oh well will just have to see her another time!

Now little kiddo immediately set his sight on my friend. Apparently he has a thing for pretty gals! And so the 2 year old spent his time sitting on my lap and sight adikuraning (flirting with) my friend.

We even had time to offer the electricity reader man lunch but he politely declined with a bemused look ;p

I finally told the sisters what happened with the banana tree and they just laughed it off. See tip 1 is the most important tip ever! Phew weddings are super fun but so tiring!

I’m missing the kids though!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding chronicles 2

Well how can you have a wedding without at least one? Apparently the banana tree and the tables hadn’t arrived at the hall.

My mom began her panic attack which could have been solved with my usual shake up but I wasn’t allowed to say anything. Finally it turns out the only thing missing were the banana trees which finally had to be cut in the middle of the night but the tables around as promised. Mom simply got over excited!

I was supposed to get a few hours of sleep since I had to get up at 2 am to get ready and head out to pick up the bride but well you can always plan! My cousins decided I was still needed to put another kolam at the wedding hall since they shifted the original kolam into the wedding hall.

So we headed there at about 11 pm to find our next problem. One of the banana trees had broken and fallen. Let’s just say we weren’t having the best of time with banana trees. My cousin was trying to tied the tree up when I found another uncle around and decided to do my puss in boots routine. I have the most adorable face that is impossible to say no to! Bugged my uncle to find a tree in the middle of the night and voila we got ourselves another tree!

Once they were finished with the tree they decided to concentrate on my kolam. It was supposed to be a simple white flour kolam but the men (in the family and my friends) decided it just was too simple. So they kept making me add colour to the kolam and at one point wanted me to cover the whole thing with colour. Thank god my cousins sisters and friends wife came to my rescue! Somehow we managed to convince them it will turn out well after it dries!

By the time we got back it was already 12.30 am and about that time my brothers friends began wondering if they could use my camera for the wedding. So I gave them a 30 minute lesson on lighting, composition and they did a pretty good job for a 30 minute lesson. I’ve managed to edit most of the shots by tightening the crop and correcting the lighting but I’m still impressed.

At about that time my cousin came back with this little fluffy kitten he found at the temple which he was planning to take care with the rest of his dogs! The kids (my nieces and nephews) who were supposed to be sleeping but actually weren’t rushed out and began playing with the cats at 1 am in the morning. The cat was seriously cute! Anyway we had to hide the cat as my mom hates cats so we hid the little thing in a basket and then I had to chase the kids to sleep.

My nieces and nephews love me but they’re scared of me too - surprisingly. So one 10 year old got sent up despite her protest of not being sleepy and the 4 year old was blackmailed into bed. I’ve promised my cousin I’ll give them a copy of my photo to blackmail the kids with! While I was downstairs the kid did listen to me but apparently the moment he realized I wasn’t there he got up to play. Suffice to say kid ended up being left at home during the wedding and woke up only when we got back to the house after the wedding!

So by the time I got up to sleep it was already 1.15am and I decided I might as well paint my nails then risk sleeping and missing the wedding! Which was a good thing as the house was super silent when I began waking up my cousins who were following us to pick up the bride. I’m pretty sure we would have all slept through!

Rahman wins!

Can’t really describe the excitement but here’s what happened – the moment I found out he had won I smsed a few friends and sometime later I got a similar msg from other friends. I guess the whole world was waiting for this win.
Congrats Rahman and the Slumdog team!

And what a performance!

ps : Aravind send our love to Rahman will ya ;)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding chronicles!


Conducting a wedding is no easy business. Its not the work that’s exhausting but the coordination to ensure everything gets done and people don’t have panic attacks that tires you the most.

Well panic attacks are unavoidable especially when you have a bunch of siblings (the mom and her sisters @ the Sisters) with a similar character so much so the cousins decided to settle a few issues and tell them after the wedding only. Tip number 1 at any wedding if anything happens don’t tell the older people till after the wedding. Trust me it will save you a lot of heartache!

We have always believed in only maintaining relationships with people who have your best interest at heart. Experience taught us that and proved us right. So most of the people at the wedding were friends and the few relatives we are pretty close to. That saved us from any unwanted drama and we had absolute fun. Though we could have done with sleep! Blame my mom for having a 5 am wedding!

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs with a million rules. The thali needs to be picked up by a certain number of people at specific times. We practically opened the store for them as we were the first customers.

You then have 2 pre wedding events that are like a cleansing ceremony held at both families homes seperately. Family and friends gather together to drench each half with sandal paste, oil and more. The fun part is watching and urging the aunties to make a mess of the “victim”.

It doesn’t help to have a sister who kept urging everyone to mess him up even more. By the time we were finished with my brother he looked like some swamp monster.

Lets just say I’ve received enough blackmail threats ;p

I’ve also managed to stake claim on this huge grinding stone that used to be my grandmas. Thanks to everyone my mom has no choice but to hand it over to me. I also managed to poke fire enough to ensure my mom stops standing in the shadows coz shes a widow. Despite all the brainwashing I do mom still has those old habits that keep popping up every now and then.

While we were busy drenching the brother the taps began drying up. Apparently some pipe decided to burst itself on CNY and left us high and dry for 24 hours! You try washing up after an event! I kept bugging Syabas so much they practically started saying hello ms Visithra!

So the next day when water decided to play hookie again the Sisters went out shopping yet still managed to forget quite a number of essentials! Which gave me some much needed break to go pick up my stuff and stay of wedding preparations for a bit. Picked up the cousin and went about picking up all the stuff that needed to be done and the stuff they forgot. By the time we got back everyone else had turned up and water had finally resumed operations! Just in the nick of time!

My brother assumed he wouldn’t get drenched the next day since it was just sandal paste but unfortunately for him the sister prepared the paste and recruited the aunties and children to her cause!

Right after the event the first panic attack happened. Well how can you have a wedding without at least one?

..... to be continued

ps : this is post 1200 ( pretty slow given i reached post 1000th in November 2007 ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Counting the days .....

..... Watch this space ... come the evening of March 1 - we have an announcement to make that we've been waiting forever to announce.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stay strong Eli

A woman made the mistake of trusting a man she once loved.

A man probably bragged a bit too much of his sexual conquests and got trapped (well i'm not sure how he got caught but he did).

And for this a bunch of people screamed murder and kicked out one guy and now they're at it again.

I like the fact that everyone thinks they're a bunch of saints and they can judge who is damned or saved.

i don't get what a persons personal life that doesn't affect anyone elses life or hurt anyone but their own family who have come to terms with the situation have to do with politics.

If a person was raped, forced into sex, forced to do things beyond their will then I'd help crucify them as well.

But here's a women who is being judged for trusting a man she once loved but instead has become a victim of greed, pervertness and political games and people are pointing fingers at her???

HELLO wake up ppl - she's the victim, the photos were released without her permission so get a grip.

We should be prosecuting the man who released those photos and supporting her instead of telling her to step down.

Just because I don't won't for her party it doesn't mean I won't support the call against victimising her further.

I hope she makes the right decision not to step down. You have the responsibility of being a guidance to other victims who are probably still being blackmailed or being hurt which such devious acts. If you crumble on pressure what hope do other women have? What does it say of your party if it accepts your resignation?

So stand up for your rights and don't let some idiot take advantage of your situation!

You're the victim not the perpetrator!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photography: The Basics

Photography: The Basics

From : 8.00 am to 12 pm (or till the heat gets to everyone or doesn't)

Location : Centre of Kuala Lumpur (exact location will be disclosed upon confirmation of attendance)

Agenda : walking across different places while learning the dos and don’t of photography and why these rules make for better photography.

What is shutter speed, ISO, apecture? Why is it important?
Understanding the importance of light and the best times to shoot
How to take better portraits
Why background is essential

Equipment : any camera from your basic point and shoot (tiny little cameras) to digital SLRs

Alternate date : 01-03-09. Sunday

What you need to bring/ do:

Wear comfortable clothes, hats and shoes
Bring along your camera – fully charged with lots of space on your memory card
Curiosity to learn and asks questions
Most of all lets have fun ;)

Interested participants please email me for more information, payments and to confirm attendance. Location will only be disclosed upon confirmation for security reasons.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

I don't celebrate Valentines day because i think its super hyped plus I don't believe in buying a stalk of rose for 20 bucks! but I believe in celebrating love - all kinds of love and you don't need just a day for it - so may everyday be valentines day for you ;)

Plus this way you get roses all year round ;p

wishing you love always

Friday, February 13, 2009


Samsung has launched a Samsung Hope program which is set to benefit 3 charity organizations in 7 countries. All you have to do is sign a pledge a pick a beneficiary charity organisation which will take about 3 minutes to do. While it may not be a charity in your country, take the time to do it - children are the same regardless of which nation they're from.

Hope Takes Off !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



... so Thaipusam officially ended yesterday night with the return of the Chariot back to its home in Kuala Lumpur. We caught it in between and managed to meet a lot of friends. Thaipusam always ends up like a reunion, people looking it out for us and we the same.

Anyways I'll leave you with a few photos coz I have a lot of thinking to do and a movie to catch. Why can't life be easy and decisions be magically made for you???

Though this does seem so given the timing! arg ;p

In trance Peeking Peacock feathers

Friday, February 06, 2009

Vel! Vel!

Bless me

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Thaipusam is here and whoaa the crowd at the chariot procession was unbeliveable! Where's a boycott when you need one??? Damn Batu Caves is gonna be crowded. Seriously people should go elsewhere plus they'd be less rubbish!

Transfixed Vel! Vel!
People have the civic conscience to bring down your rubbish with you from the caves and don't litter the area! Don't blame people and then throw rubbish as well. Bring a plastic bag to throw your rubbish and take it around with ya!

Plus if you're free on Monday head down to Batu Caves to help out with the cleaning! Join the facebook group here and spread the word!

So here's some photos from last night. toodles!

Stop? Go?

Blessings in a human crowd Staring back at you

I'm Back....

.... well not really since today marks the beginning of Thaipusam. But kinda back wedding, dinnerS and everthings over and we've had our rest. what's left is the editing of photos and such.

All right people will get back to all emails and comments and whatever more after Thaipusam probably. Sorry ;)