Thursday, January 15, 2009

So you don't like living here...

So you don't like the country. Good. Fine. LEAVE.

Stop bitching about MY country just because you need a reason to justify why you're leaving. Do your research first before you decide to hail the earth of your intended country of choice. Just because you have friends who have moved there, let me tell you one thing, they're not gonna tell you the truth coz frankly they don't want to admit they were wrong in assuming the grass is greener on the other side!

So don't claim MY COUNTRY has high crime rates compared to every single god forsaken 1st world country! Plus hey its not MY country where every one in 3 citizen has been a victim of VIOLENT CRIME!

Don't even let me start on Racism, if anyone is ok about being beaten up because of the colour of your skin go ahead. I don't deny there is racism here but it rarely leads to violent crimes!

Racism by country

The grass is not greener on the other side but if you want to leave, leave,don't accuse a place without doing your research!

Countries with the most crime victims

Countries with the most rape victims

Countries with the most burgalaries

Countries with the most assult victims

Crime by country







United Kingdom


Britain, Australia top U.S. in violent crime

Please click on all the links for more information and break down on crime rates.


Lays said...

Hehe.. good post. Fully agreed.

Gallivanter said...

Interesting facts. I love our country, it's the bloody politicians that I can't stand!

By the way, the stats could be skewed due to many of the victims not reporting it. And with the efficiency of our police, I'm not sure whether all of the reported cases are included in the stats. :-)

visithra said...

thanks lays

daniel : the thing is no place is ultimately safe, and seriously politicians are screwed everywhere - i'm sure all the stats are just average as many go unreported especially the smaller incidents like attempted robbery - but the bigger serious violent ones normally do get reported at least for the sake of insurance coverage - i've personally had 4 brushes with crime and reported only 1 that too because one idiot tried to assult me - the rest were pick pocket stuff 1 successfull 2 weren't and i didnt report them because they were pretty random

BM said...

The one thing that worries me about the countries that aren't top of the list is the reason. Is it because it is generally low, or it is generally less reported?

Anonymous said...

The reason you see some of those 1st rate countries having higher ratings is simply because, the reporting is frequent. The slightest hint of misunderstanding has gone on to be called racism/crime/etc.

Reporting is so less in Asian countries, that this report is really unacceptable.

You see, in India, a person faces racism everyday. Unfortunately, the people there have legalized it by calling it caste/creed, etc. Fair & Lovely, nah?:-) The same people who practice racism in India, go to the 1st rate countries and complain about being subjected to racism!:-) That is the sad thing. I am saying India, but racism is prevalent in all societies in Asia. Crime. No explanation needed.


Anonymous said...

It's a great post, and congratulations for your impassioned defence of Malaysia. It is a great country, but it has even greater potential which it must aspire to. I spend part of my life in Singapore, which should be one of the role models Malaysia should aspire to. But like you, overall, I'm happy with what KL offers. I choose places I go to, I avoid eyecontact with 'troublesome' people, and generally, dress simple and act safe. Of course, it is easier for me too, as I am male.

Where Singapore comes out world class, almost singly, is the provision for pedestrians like me: barrier free, fully maintained walkways, safe crossings, courteous drivers and general crime freeness.