Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Rahman wins the golden globe for best score! and the first person that came to my mind was Aravind and guess what I see on his Facebook? His pictures with Rahman on Rahman's birthday! All I can say is Rahman's blessed to have such a fan! ;p

and Slumdog Millionare bags 4 globes!

Now will the movie please play in the theatres soon!



Gallivanter said...

I'm definitely gonna watch that movie, as always, with the other nominated flicks...

Ms Taggart said...

I saw the movie.. and its awesome! The music surely deserves the award.. so do the other categories.. :)

anjali said...

I just saw the movie. It's awesome X 20 crore rupees. You know me and anything Indian la... Haha. Am downloading the whole soundtrack to accompany my exercise routine. Smirk.

Aravind said...

he he..
after a short break, i find time for blog-hopping... and wat do i find? a post in ur blog, referring to me!! LOL!
thanks visit! :D :D :D

i again went to welcome him at his house whn he returned to india!! :D :D will post the photos and videos soon! :D