Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I always get asked one question - how do we take awesome photos?

When I tell people its a lot of learning and practice - they go out and get a DSLR.

So here's the thing - how many of you would be interested in taking a basic 101 photography class with me? There will be charges.

Let me know.

ps : the wedding dinner shots are up


Gallivanter said...

How much are we talking about, 1.5 million? :-P

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd be interested, as long as it is during weekends, and it's in the KL vicinity.

mala said...

me me..

visithra said...

daniel : lol you gonna treat me is it ?

anon : definetly around kl and a weekend

mala : yayyy ;p

will post on it soon

anjali said...

I wanna learn how to "enhance" the shots. So how much, how much? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops, how many weekends would it take, and how long per session please? And does one have to have more than a PnS camera (I've at least learnt that by now).... Thanks

visithra said...

anj : the enhancing is an altogether diff storyla ;p u get back first la ;p ill let you know then ;p

anon : its a one session class - a few hours and a walking around shooting thingy - you can't learn without practicing ;)

yes definetly pns - pns are wonderful little magical thingys ;)

Anonymous said...


I'm still interested, though a little disappointed you could impart all your knowledge/skills in 1 session. Your works seem so awesome, I imagined it would take at least 3 or 4 sessions. Still, attending one class makes the logistics and planning easier, please propose a date. If you could schedule it in the morning, it would suit me great.


visithra said...

anon : its not the lessons that makes you a better photographer but the practice - if you take into account everything i teach and implement it into your photography it will make all the difference -

the date and time (sunday morning) has just been posted - hope to see you with us