Friday, January 23, 2009

Little town wonder

IWalking in the rain

Every now and then I visit an old, small town to remind myself that nice people still exist.

Someone’s not going to horn you to move so he can ensure his parking space is taken by someone of his own race even though you've been waiting longer, neither will you have to deal with neighbours who insist you move your car, tent and excreta even though there’s construction, a wedding or a funeral taking place. The same kind of folks won't blink an eye about gulfing down dinner during a festival at your place but never extend a similar invite even for courtesy sake.

Well enough of cynical new town yuppies. On a trip to one of this little old towns on a wet rainy Raya Haji morning, we bumped into what I would describe the real essence of celebration. We had arrived at the town just as the morning prayers ended at the mosque. Droves of foreign workers were exiting the mosque and each time they bumped into someone new, they hugged and embraced as they wished each other Haji wishes.

So they barely moved as it was a joyful street reunion of mutual country mates. They were of course curious about the 2 photographers walking around and photographing a sleepy old town. They tried talking to us in their language and we tried ours but there was a definite language barrier.

Sweet angle Ladies at the window

In the midst of it an old voice boomed in perfect Tamil. I was confused for a second as there was not a single Indian soul anywhere near us. Only then I realized the grinning sweet old Chinese man was the one who was talking to me. Multiculturalism at its best.

swinging away Rain

A bunch of kids who had just attended the morning prayers were peeking at us from inside their car. I decided to go say hi and wish they the festival wishes. They happily posed for my camera and became the subjects instead.
The town is located in between a Chinese temple and a mosque, you can actually see both worship places from both locations as if they were looking at each other.
The rain refused to leave and we sat down at a roadside shack and downed a few dumplings and curry noodles which were absolutely delicious. Trust a small shack to serve amazing food.

Indian at heart new clothes lovely smiles

We then decided to just drive along the road and see what we could find. Driving past luscious green so near to the countries capital, we were quite amazed the place still hadn’t been touched. Only to find the local nucklear research centre smack in the middle of a kampung. Fingers crossed nothing blows up coz I live pretty near!

We decided to head back and look for a place to have lunch. As we were driving back we stopped at this beautiful looking old Malay house to capture some shots. We were pretty surprised to find the house filled with children who were as excited to see us and pose for us. And so in the rain we pranced and shot while the kids danced and posed and swinged a hundred shots for us.

One of the boys said the sweetest thing, look at my mom she’s still so pretty, and the mom went away giggling away with cheeks abloom with blushes. We were even invited for lunch but we decided to decline as we didn’t want to intrude on them.

Little towns never fail to impress!


anjali said...

Excellent shots, babe. As always.

Chubby Zebra said...

Just stumbled on your blog. Great post, it brought a smile to my face. :)

visithra said...

thanks dear ;)

zebra : welcome - glad it did ;)