Friday, January 16, 2009

Dreamy Wedding

I shot my first wedding last November. It was a lovely wedding and thank you to the couple. There was a funny incident at the wedding though. Well I managed to set my hair on fire! Thankfully one of the guests I had met earlier saw it on time and all was fine! The things I get myself into ;p

Congratulations again to the lovely couple.

The rest of the photos will be on V-eyez gradually.


Aravind said...


hair on fire -a?? epdi ungalaala mattum ipdi ellam comedy panna mudiyudhu?? :P LOL!

on a serious note... u're fine right??
onnuum aagaliyae?

Anonymous said...
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visithra said...

Bawani : sorry I had to delete your comment but I think its best to not let out the name but to your question yes it was hers ;)

oooh the curls are doing fine ;p

mala said...

STUNNING shots babe!! absolute shame you can't cover my bro's engagement. hopefully next time..

ps, hope the hair's all good..

visithra said...

aravind : sorry missed ur comment - hehehe yeah hairs fine ;) comedy aiutha athe sirichi than pahkanum ;p

mala : thanks dear - yeah the timing ;p

the hairs doing good ;p the owner is just waiting for the bros wedding to finish so she can snip it short ;p

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader of your blog, and I must say this would be the first time I've seen a hindu (maybe tamil??) wedding look so beautiful in pictures. Really amazing photography.

Gusti Adipati said...

Oooh Vis, thanks for covering our biggest day! The photos are wonderful....thanks once again for doing it for us!...