Saturday, January 10, 2009


Still Blank.

Kinda - I have loads to blog about but mentally a bit burned out coz basically lots have been happening. There will be a bitching session, there will be a travelogue, there will be chaotic posts and there will be I don't know what else.

Hey its the New Year and it's already 10 days!!!!

oh I had another phone drama today. another one after 6 months! this will be phone number 8 I presume. Well you see after having to change 7 phones (2 were mine, 1 was loaned by samsung, 3 loaned by the shop) I was using one loaned by the shop till about now. They by the way gave me the crapiest phone available in case I decide to run away with it. Well it is 6 months but I didn't really run away its kinda like a situation thingy.

First I was busy with work and then when I went looking for the shop 2 months later the shop was missing! it had vanished into thin air! I just stood blankly staring at the place.

So dejectedly I went back, came back 2 months later looking for it and it still wasn't there. Then I found out the shop had moved to another location about a month ago, explains the vanishing act!

Suddenly today phone started acting weird all my calls became a series of repeated hellos because no one could hear me though I could hear them perfectly. So I dashed off to go find the shop, only to end up staring at 30 nearly identical mobile outlets. I tried finding the company name but I couldn't so I decided to see if anyone new the owner. After 3 blank looks I finally got a nod to the left which sent me to this guy who looked at me suspiciously.

him : why are you looking for her
me : err I need to collect my phone

he looks me up and down and sends me to her shop! phew!

I arrive there and she wasn't there but it was her shop. so a series of calls later and some waiting while my stomach was growling like a hungry bear I was sent of to another place. grabbed a yummy subway veggie sandwich and darted of to the shop.

yayyy got my old phone back but still missing the other one which got drenched in Thailand! ;p

yayyyyyyyyyyyysssssssss the world is now in order! ;p

ps : me mobile slave

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Random Access said...

A very happy new year and a belated happy birthday pal! Had scooted off to HK, so couldnt wish u on time..

Been a long time, so hope everything is fine.. Glad to see atleast u r still active...

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!