Thursday, December 11, 2008

Secrets revealed

An 8 year old discovered my biggest secret!

........ that I’m super ticklish!

So the little rascal decided to have some fun on my expense in a crowded hotel ballroom where I was supposed to act as the grown up supervisor of 20 kids!

Instead of sitting up straight I was wriggling in my seat desperately trying not to scream one of my MJ screams! I finally had to hold him still and then the kid decides he’ll use his face to tickle my arms instead!

I finally had to banish him from standing anywhere close to me! ;p

Will someone please teach me the secrets to not being ticklish?????

ps : in the process thou shall not tickle me! ;p


Thenraj said...

hahha...that reminds me the movie "Mudhalvan".. nway, its a pure psychological effect ask somebody to tickle u until it is used to..

Balaji S Rajan said...


Any more secrets... LOL... enjoyed your post.

Ramya said...

Hehe... reminded me also of the Vadivelu scene from Mudhalvan. .