Wednesday, December 31, 2008

08 to 09

Lighted up


that's how I'd describe 2008. I turned 29 on the 30 th ;) The first time I haven't blogged on my birthday me thinks ;p but then all birthdays aren't meant to be the same.

Well the last few days have been pretty interesting. Thanks to wonderful friends the birthday wasn't spoilt by certain events. There's a lot i could write about the year or just the last week but I don't want to at the moment.

So Happy new year everyone.


anjali said...

Happy New Year babe! Have a blast! :-)

ashok said...

happy new year and belated b'day wishes!

Jeevan said...

Belated wishes dear :)

Rags said...

Just dropped by.. :) Happy New Year & hey belated b'day wishes.

God Bless


me said...

konjam late...anyways...happy b'day and happy new year visit