Wednesday, December 31, 2008

08 to 09

Lighted up


that's how I'd describe 2008. I turned 29 on the 30 th ;) The first time I haven't blogged on my birthday me thinks ;p but then all birthdays aren't meant to be the same.

Well the last few days have been pretty interesting. Thanks to wonderful friends the birthday wasn't spoilt by certain events. There's a lot i could write about the year or just the last week but I don't want to at the moment.

So Happy new year everyone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jingly Christmas

Dancing with christmas balls

Blessed are the ones whose friends are willing to act as much of a fool as they are ;)

Merry Christmas everyone and stay safe.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Indian at heart

Indian at heartI was walking through a small town on the morning of Raya Haji (eid) in the rain and was totally engrossed looking at the foreign workers embracing each other while wishing the celebration greetings. Out of nowhere I hear someone say Vanakam amma. I look around and see no Indian in sight and then he repeated himself - and I was dumbfounded as he continued to talk to me in perfect Tamil - an even better pronounciation of tamil than I muster.

I assumed he knew just a few phrases but by the end of our conversation I realised that was the only language he knew and I don't think he knew Chinese.

That mornings shoot reaffirmed why I love visiting small towns, beautiful people, kind hearts, harmonious living.

ps : will be mising for sometime

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Secrets revealed

An 8 year old discovered my biggest secret!

........ that I’m super ticklish!

So the little rascal decided to have some fun on my expense in a crowded hotel ballroom where I was supposed to act as the grown up supervisor of 20 kids!

Instead of sitting up straight I was wriggling in my seat desperately trying not to scream one of my MJ screams! I finally had to hold him still and then the kid decides he’ll use his face to tickle my arms instead!

I finally had to banish him from standing anywhere close to me! ;p

Will someone please teach me the secrets to not being ticklish?????

ps : in the process thou shall not tickle me! ;p