Saturday, November 29, 2008


I don't get fanatism.

2 images continue to flash in my mind since Mumbai was seiged by terrorists on wednesday night. The photo of the terrorist eyes gleaming with such an intensity and the photo taken by a Mumbai-based photographer known as Vinu of a human chain that was formed to keep people from entering the critical areas in the Colaba area in Mumbai.

The terrorist looked like any young man of his age the only difference was he was enjoying killing people. There was such an air of power and excitement in his eyes. Maybe in his eyes it was another round of computer games, another round of adrenalin rush. There was no fear, no hate just an excitement. Killing innocent lives certainly seemed to have excited him.

I will never understand hate or the ability to kill innocent people for whatever ideology whichever side prescribes to. All I know is no one deserved to die.

The worst sometimes bring the best in people. I don't think anyone was prepared for the attacks neither the police or the citizens but in their worse moment they stood together as one to keep others safe, to help others, to make a difference.

I hope with all my heart that if such a situation should ever occur here (I pray it never does) that we will set aside our differences and urban selfishness and act when it really matters.

God bless the souls that were lost in Mumbai and the ones that are lost everyday for ideologies we can never understand.

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