Saturday, November 29, 2008


I don't get fanatism.

2 images continue to flash in my mind since Mumbai was seiged by terrorists on wednesday night. The photo of the terrorist eyes gleaming with such an intensity and the photo taken by a Mumbai-based photographer known as Vinu of a human chain that was formed to keep people from entering the critical areas in the Colaba area in Mumbai.

The terrorist looked like any young man of his age the only difference was he was enjoying killing people. There was such an air of power and excitement in his eyes. Maybe in his eyes it was another round of computer games, another round of adrenalin rush. There was no fear, no hate just an excitement. Killing innocent lives certainly seemed to have excited him.

I will never understand hate or the ability to kill innocent people for whatever ideology whichever side prescribes to. All I know is no one deserved to die.

The worst sometimes bring the best in people. I don't think anyone was prepared for the attacks neither the police or the citizens but in their worse moment they stood together as one to keep others safe, to help others, to make a difference.

I hope with all my heart that if such a situation should ever occur here (I pray it never does) that we will set aside our differences and urban selfishness and act when it really matters.

God bless the souls that were lost in Mumbai and the ones that are lost everyday for ideologies we can never understand.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Worst moment....

Man is often reduced to shreds at his worst moment …….. when the computer hangs and he loses all his work. Grown men have been known to pray to the computer gods and break down in tears all because of a black box with keys to punch ;p

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Filtered weekend

Misty towers

Now a little announcement before I continue – we can safely blame Mr Filter here for the erratic weather and unbelievable traffic jam in the last week. We were caught in a traffic jam everytime we got into the car, that too, on a weekend at non shopping areas!


The day started off with me getting lost for assuming I could trust Malaysian signboards (will I never learn?). Our first stop was Masjid India to get some stuff for his mom.

As most of you would have known, I’m always saying KL is a wonderful place to live because of the balance between its eastern and western qualities. Pick a spot in the city and you’ll find a mix of old and new and some aspect of a dominant east influence in that area.

on the steps to heaven
Masjid India or Little India as its infamously known, is the hub of everything Indian. The moment you walk out into the streets you’re greeted by Tamil music which is not common even in the streets of Chennai and you’re greeted by rows of saree shops and jewelers. While it’s pretty common for Malaysians, everyone else gets excited.

We walked around for a while and then headed to Bukit Bintang to check out Lowyat or as techies would call it – tech heaven. First we got sidetracked at Nando’s. I have never seen anyone so super excited by Nando’s chips and Starbucks. But I prefer Coffeebean!

Anyway the coffee addicts always win so it was Starbucks!

The outcome of the day - filter will always be known as the guy who bought shampoo at tech heaven! By then Praveen had arrived to join us after getting stuck in traffic. We jumped into my car and headed to Brickfields for the best ever thosai in town. I think I’ve taken every vege blogger who arrived in Malaysia to that shop – Sri Pandis.

You see I have an addiction to that shop, it’s the only place I have thosai, that too coz of its amazing chutney. I love chutney and even eat it with rice ;p

Now Brickfields was booming with double the usual activity thanks to Deepavali celebrations. There was a different song blasting from each corner. We were passing this cookies shop when a guy stops us insisting we try his murukku.

Me: vendampa
No, its ok
Him: chumma try panni pahrunge
No you just have to try
Me: nalla illehna yesuhvehn, okva?
If it isn’t nice I’ll scold you! Ok?
Him: prechaneh illeh ;p
No prob ;p
Him: ehpadi?
How is it?
Me : its ok only (and then I escaped) ;p

Actually the murukku was pretty good so anyone looking for tasty murukku, check out the temporary stall in front of Sri Pandi audio shop. Btw don’t tell them I recommended them, I have to maintain that it was ok only! ;p

The audio shop was playing excellent selection of songs setting the mood just right for clubbing later, only problem was the dj for the day had to break in between the songs and make announcements. At least wait till the music is overla!

Next up on the list was clubbing at my favourite Indian club but first of course we had to get stuck in another traffic jam! Apparently everyone in Malaysia was out in full force to welcome Filter ;p

Reel vidhurathuku oruh alehveh illehya?

As usual the music was good (though they didn’t play a number of my favs) and it wasn’t too crowded as most people were busy with festive preparations so for once we had enough space to dance. We just didn’t have enough people at our table as it was pretty last minute.

Dropped him off and then I rushed home to get ready for my cousins wedding. My mom was waiting for me all dressed saying I was late for the wedding. Somehow I managed to shower and tie a saree in 20 mins and we were off for the wedding. My mom was grumbling we were so late only to reach there to find the wedding ceremony had just started! Then it was my turn to grumble on being rushed out the house!

Now the wedding was actually my athai payans (ppl used to marry off their children to when they’re in this relation code). And I have a lot of them, so in the past few years, I’ve been happily ticking them off the list ;p and go “another one bites the dust” lol

The wedding had started super late and there was this one incident that had me laughing away. As the bride was leaving to change into her wedding saree (hindu weddings are long), the videographer stops here saying he needed to take some shots.

The bride immediately tells him “late ayiruchi valiyeh vidhungeh” “its already late, stop all this”. The guy was super stunned ;p Way to go women! ;p

I knocked off as soon as I got home and woke up 5 hours later.

I picked up Filter and headed for lunch at the best place to have South Indian food. I realized the last time I had watched someone eat the “Indian style” was when small boy was in town. Now for my non India readers, the “Indian style” is the cutest thing to watch. They would eat each curry/ curd with a different portion of rice with absolute patience. It’s just really cute to watch ;p

We then headed off to Midvalley to get a few books and shop. Of course Starbucks flashed by and we ended up watching the rain with coffee for company. We then left for BC as soon as Praveen joined us. I figured the weather would be lovely given it had just rained and there was no way I was gonna climb bc in the middle of the afternoon when the idea had first been mentioned.

We arrived at the blue hour, my most favourite time of the day where the skies are a brilliant blue and absolutely magical. BC was practically empty with a few people here and there. Filter discovered Murugas reflection on the water pools and we were walking around looking at the pools finding the best spots. And then we found those lights that became our inspiration for the day. Filter ended up turning into my model for the day while Praveen was his. Poor Praveen wasn’t expecting to be shooting anything.

Muruga Ray Golden reflection

The caves were nearly empty when we reached up and the breeze was amazing as usual. We got back down and headed to one of the shops for drinks. I remembered one of my friends had ordered a Neslo (coffee+choc) the last time we were there and it had been amazing. Lets just say it still is! Absolutely divine!

On our back to the city centre, it started raining again but we chanced upon KLCC looking absolutely stunning under mist, so we stopped to take more photos.

Hows that for a weekend! ;p

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The name's Mobile..... Go Mobile!

The Mobile World team is at it again, They’re hosting the largest mobile event Go Mobile from 21 - 23 November 2008 at PWTC, that will consist of the GoMobile Expo, the 2nd Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Conference and Mobile World Star Awards and Gala Dinner.

Given most of my guy friends are mobile addicts, this should be top on their priority list. So keep the dates marked boys!

So what does Bond have to do with Go Mobile? Well the team is hosting a special screening Quantum of the Solace and if you didn’t know that’s Bond “Shaken not stirreds” latest movie.

This national service reminder on the fact that I want a pair of tickets was brought to you by the letters G, M and the number 21.

Ps : Vis is a sucker for Sesame Street

Monday, November 03, 2008

Busy wali ;p

Little King

The celebrations began with an appam session with the gang before the non KL bunch went back to their hometowns and where they’re still probably at. Ah it was finally our turn to bully one of the guys. He made the mistake of parking his new car near the appam stall and everytime he opened his mouth to tease us we’d tell him – you want us to throw that flower pat at your car is it?” Suffice to say he was a very well behaved boy for the day. He took us for a ride in the car and I was super amazed by the number of buttons on the dashboard. It was a bit too many for me.

The next day I had to get up super early to cook up a pot of vege briyani for the office potluck party and I so hate getting up early and cooking and then tying a saree! ;p thankfully it turned out well and I didn’t accidentally overdo the salt! After a week of late nights and battling none stop traffic jams I was knocked out on Friday night.

Saturday was a day of errands and meeting people. We decided to go shoot the Diwali atmosphere at the KL Sentral carnival. While the location was more convenient and less prone to traffic woes, the selections weren’t that great. Good thing we were there to photograph that atmosphere, and hands down Brickfields was more lively than the carnival itself. Though the traders were having fun posing for us.

I’d taken mom along with me and after she was heard telling her friends “people were posing all for them – they will even ask them to take photographs for them.” I guess she finally got her photography enlightmen on why the daughter is so crazy about it ;p

Purple elephant

We settled down for an absolutely wonderful dinner at Vidya’s. How did I get there in the jam? Well never use the main road ;p the thing about Vidya’s is if you order their dishes the food is amazing, don’t get the meals. We’re still wondering what they put into the food to make it so good.

Sunday was spent mostly cleaning up or running errands again. Mom and I were out buying stuff when we saw the florists selling gorgeous red roses. We tried to stop but we couldn’t find a parking lot so we left. Later that evening I was passing by the market and they were still selling the roses so I decided to buy them.

Me : How much are the roses uncle?
Uncle : Errr the roses are fake! ;p

Lol we were definitely conned thinking they were fresh roses.

We got home and having heard me complain non-stop we hadn’t done any biscuits this year, mom asked me to help her do nei urundai (ghee balls). Now I’ve never done this nor watch mom do it as she’s super at it. So imagine my surprise when the flour was burning hot. So I spent the next 10 minutes screaming ouch ouch and rolling the ghee balls. I’m so not doing them again! ;p

I finally managed to catch om shanti om which was being aired on tv – it was defiantly a good movie. Every year I end up watching one of these movies and end up putting the diwali kolam in the wee hours of the morning – its becoming quite a tradition! ;p

I stuck to something simple as I didn’t want to over exert myself. Did you guys notice how feeble Maxis line was on the eve. I was chatting with a friend and usually her phone dies somewhere in between our conversation coz of her battery but this time we got cut of every 20 minutes or so. At one point we were suspicious that someone might be listening to us and decided to welcome whoever it was into the conversation –

“Whoever who might be listening, err if you’re so bored have fun listening to us talk nonsense.”

And so I finally slept at 4 ish only to be waken up by mom at 6 am. I said no way I’m going back to sleep but thanks to the non stop noise I woke up with a headache having barely slept!
Dressed up and headed to the temple. We got home just in the nick of time as our morning guests arrived. As usual I was bullying the little boy who bullies me ;p kid only speaks to me if he’s super bored, at all other times he intentionally ignores me. By the time they left and we had breakfast, it was time for us to head off for lunch at a family friends place. It’s a yearly affair to have lunch at their home, plus its quite fun plus I don’t dare miss it without a valid reason ;p

One eyed Twinkle toe*s Cheeky twins

I met up with some friends in PJ and since I was already in the neighbourhood, prav and me decided to spend some time with the children from Agathians. We brought along chocolates for the children. They were happy to see us and going akka akka, we even had an invisible akka who turned out to be hiding under the table ;p

But the moment I saw them watching tv I knew that they were gonna be distracted for the rest of the evening. So we were sitting and talking to the little ones who weren’t watching tv and just lazing around. Few hours later we left for dinner, when I got home watched Santosh Subramaniam – a watchable movie.

Another super busy weekend.