Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Without music???

What is life without music….. well we’ll add dance in as well!

I would even say its worthless. When I was still involved in my music school, we used to break into song every other moment in the classes, when we walked into other classes, at the dance floor, under the stairs, at the canteen, on the road, well practically everywhere.

I used to also have access to a personal singer who would sing whatever song I requested, I think I’ve requested Janani ninnu vina the most among my other favs. Of course you had to return the favour but hearing someone sing live is an absolute bliss. Since I left the school this was one of the things I missed the most.

So the best thing about my super busy weekend was I found a new personal radio @ the filtered Sambhar. I say radio coz this one can sing everything under the musical radar brilliantly ;p

We switched of the radios and traveled between Carnatic, Rahman and the 80s. Of course after that he got pestered to sing throughout the next day. The weather was also perfect for singing and we ended up watching the rain from Starbucks and singing.

Unfortunately I now have to reprogram myself to stop singing and humming in public since my colleagues have begun to give me a weird look. Doesn’t help either that personal radio isn’t local ;p.

So this is a call for another personal radio – please send your audio files for application! ;p

Good music and good company always the best combination.

Ps : thats the only compliment you're getting ;p

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