Saturday, October 04, 2008

Stop it!

I'm just sick of hearing/ reading/ listening to people secularise indians! why don't indians do this, that, go here, there, bla bla bla?

Can people quit asking silly, irrelavant questions??

Well I'm angry coz of this post and here's my response to it!

this link got sent to me coz of how ridiculous this discussion is

first photography is a hobby for most and for many a profession

whichever way it is neither a easy hobby nor a cheap one though it has become cheaper thanks to digital cameras

to excel in it you actually need to invest time and patience in learning it

a persons interest is a personal thing - it shouldnt be because the whole world is doing it, or because theres a need to increase the number of people interested in it from one race - and why does photography need to be secularised into why theres less from one race?

why is there a need to secularise everything with indians?

so whats next why arent indians into xtreme sports, adventures, sky diving, bungee jumping,

there are a lot of malaysian indians involved in photography - most just dont publicise it neither do they claim at being great in it - plus there a thousand of indians involved in the industry

at the same time there are a lot of con artist who claim themselves to be photographers and charge people for crap photographs

if they had an ounce of honesty in themselves they wouldn't be charging people for the autrocious photos they snap

id rather people get into photography because theyre interested in it and not for all the wrong reasons

no one needs to invest in dslrs if all they want is to take photos of their family n friends

stop secularising indians


BM said...

The thing that confuses me is when they say don't treat them special, but treat us special. Apa punya logik la. Btw what does secularize mean?

Shamgar said...

People do not "secularize" Indians necessarily because of prejudice. All of us must be able to file information in our brain like into files into a file cabinet or computer. No one's brain is capable of considering each individual thought, memory, etc. separately from all others. There is not time nor storage capacity. So we organize like thoughts into "files". When thinking about people we have an Indian file, an American file, a European file. And each of those has separate files under that heading.

That doesn't mean we automatically dislike or like one more than the other, it only means we seek to organize by consistency of fact or observation.

When something is not consistent, its normal to ask "Why?"

Does this make sense or am I raving because it's 0530 and I have barely slept in the last few days?

Pixelated Mo said...

what a bunch of coconuts!!!!

Sudhir said...

Instead of trying to involve in a healthy discussion, you tried to create a spark there.

I label you 'LOA'. Lack of attention if you do not know what that means.

Grow up, think of good things.

visithra said...

sudhir : a healthy discussion involves all races - im an admin for different photography groups that deal with different races and religion -

any discussion that centres on race or caste is unhealthy - if you dont understand the topography or the stupidity of the topic itself dont get involved -