Thursday, October 09, 2008

Life ...

The celebration of arts ... Every year around this time life gets me thinking. Well I used to not have time to think as I’d be surrounded by a buzz of activities decorating, performing at least 5 items, directing and coordinating a few and tons of practice. I practically lived at my music school. But it also meant I got tangled in a lot of unwanted problems.

These years I limit performances to a maximum of 3 for Navarathri, and spend the rest of the days watching others perform or attending prayers. I didn’t even perform anywhere this year and declined offers coz I knew I’d be busy with a new job. Truthfully while I sometimes miss the buzz, I’m glad I’m out of that web of politics I kept getting myself dragged in. There’s a lot I wish I was still a part of but when I weigh it with what I’ve gone through, I pat myself for walking away.

Life is not worth all the heartaches that comes with being somebody. I’ve said it before you’re scott free to do anything as long as you’re not outstanding. Stay under the radar and the world will ignore and leave you alone.

That unfortunately has been something I’ve never been able to do. Hey don’t blame me for wanting to be one of the best in anything I’m involved in.

Lets not even go too far. Photography was a hobby I started taking seriously because of my love for it yet was unable to pursue sooner because of the cost. Today I have photographers who personally know me, steal my ideas and practically hog my flickr page and never leave a comment. Yet are able to quote every single image when they see me.

So has life always been one sour experience after the other? Well yes and no.

I have photographers from all over the world, amazing photographers who I look up to who make it a point to acknowledge your work. They don’t need to but they do.

That’s where I learn the second most important lesson in life. Greatness comes with humility. You will only face problems with people who have nothing to show. But the truly great are ever willing to help, teach and encourage your endeavours.

The musicians and dancers I have met, the people who have always encouraged me. Everytime we meet the first thing they ask is are you still performing. Or the musicians who see me at a performance who insist they should see me performing at the next function. Their love has kept me sane.

These have been the reason why I refuse to give up on my passions. I’ll stay clear off the nutcases and their associations. But as long as I can I will continue to learn and perform gifts god has bestowed on me.


SKM said...

Hi visitra,
Happy vijayadasami day to you. Nice to go through your awesome photos and writings after a long interval. Have a good time.:D

-naga- said...

Don't worry Visithra, there will always be hypocrites lurking around us. Its just that they have never tasted their own medicine yet, but when they do.. it always hits them hard..

p/s.. I didn't you danced as well!!

geetha said...

You just go ahead and do what you love to do best.. :)

Jeevan said...

Some says a person who kept himself down rise up. Your photos have the creative effort always and truly i admire ur pictures and sometime try to give my effort like...
Sorry I wasn’t been here for a long while, hope u r doing fine and enjoying what u likes.

visithra said...

skm : thanks ;) oh wow so nice to see u back - just i dont read blogs as much as i used to
will come by

naga : ah yes theyre always around - oh they do but they never learn - heheh i did everythingla - ;)

geetha : hugs ;)))

jeevan : thanks jeevan - how r u - i havent been visiting at all - just been super busy n lots of things happening - u take care ok