Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Apparently fame can go to people’s heads.

I was out dancing with friends when we heard that a bunch of actors would be turning up at the club. The buzz word was the Saroja team would be in the house. I remember when their first hit movie was a blaze in theatres, the team brought the house down in a local Chennai club making an effort to speak and mingle with their fans.

So naturally a lot of people got excited and the club decided to play their hit songs. As the team walked in the DJ announced their arrival. They walked into a corner without acknowledging the crowd and remain there till the club closed. Even when the lights were switched on they were still at their corner.

Given that this was one of the most famous clubs in town, it wasn’t the first time a celebrity has been present.

I remember the time Singer/ actor Yugendran was in the club around the time where one of his movies had been doing very well. He stopped at a few tables and spoke to a few people and when the DJ invited him to the stage, he gladly obliged and even sang us a song which by the way was really good.

I truly believe that the more talented a person is the more humble they are, for example all the musicians I have met, every single one had been the epitome of humbleness. These people are experts in their fields and yet they act as if they are no one important.

I’m sure you guys remember my brush with Surya and then another friend finally met up with him while on duty and he for all his fame was pretty humble.

I loved the movie Saroja more than I did Chennai, but the core reasons these movies worked is they didn’t project any one of them as a hero but rather focused on characters and friendship which is why the movies work. This to me is the only winning formula for the Saroja team given their first 2 movies which were more hero centric failed miserably.

I hope they remember that their popularity is really per movie and not per actor. They unfortunately don’t have the looks for that and let’s face it that’s what the industry is all about.

They could have popped on stage for a minute, said hi to their Malaysian fans, and left. No one expected them to do more than that. Malaysians don’t really hog artists, we understand the concept of giving space. While I wasn’t bothered whether I saw them or not, a lot of people were hoping to and they were disappointed.

So I suggest they get of their high horses and remember that you’re as good as your last film. Fame can go at a click of a button.


Bharath Sattanathan said...


I am finally in KL!!!

Will be here for the next two weeks. Game for a catch-up sometime. I know u would have long forgotten the Filtered Sambhar :)

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visithra said...

elo ;) check ur email ;p

Jeevan said...

I agree on the Saroja team, they rocks simply. Yes, they are on there way, why we need to expect them to do something and that's unnecessary fame and we are and they are what excites don’t know.

BM said...

Laa, I was wondering who la this saroja person. Rupa-rupanya movie star(s) la plak.