Friday, October 31, 2008

So smart ;p

You know you’re not supposed to rub your eyes. You know if you do it will burn.

Yet you still do it! And despite the irritation you sigh in relief and wince in pain all at the same time. You are so super smart.


Ps : hehehehe

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali nalvazhthukal

..... its nearly the end of the day but lets just say I've been super busy ;)

Happy Deepavalli

Hope everyone had a good holiday ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kohlupu ;p

I was at a cousins wedding over the weekend when this family friend who I hadn’t seen a long time turns up to chat and does the usual wedding questions.

Aunty: Aaama unnaku ehpo kalyanam
When are you getting married?
Me : Ipoh illeh – thambiku than kalyanam
Not now – my bros getting married
Aunty: Ean??? Unnaku enna prechanai ipoh
Yyy? Why aren’t you getting married?
Me : Ipoh vehndam
Coz I don’t want to?
Mom: Vara mapilai ehlam vehndamnu sohlra – nah kai kalivithen
She’s refusing to get married – I’ve given up on her
Aunty: Ipdhi terinjiruntha vandha mapilaiyeh nah kalyanam kathiruhpehnne!
If I had known I’d have married one of those guys
me: Prechanai illeh aunty, moiyi nah vandhu vehkurehn, uncleh thalli vechirulam ;p
No problem aunty, I’ll attend with gifts, we can push uncle aside ;p

Without music???

What is life without music….. well we’ll add dance in as well!

I would even say its worthless. When I was still involved in my music school, we used to break into song every other moment in the classes, when we walked into other classes, at the dance floor, under the stairs, at the canteen, on the road, well practically everywhere.

I used to also have access to a personal singer who would sing whatever song I requested, I think I’ve requested Janani ninnu vina the most among my other favs. Of course you had to return the favour but hearing someone sing live is an absolute bliss. Since I left the school this was one of the things I missed the most.

So the best thing about my super busy weekend was I found a new personal radio @ the filtered Sambhar. I say radio coz this one can sing everything under the musical radar brilliantly ;p

We switched of the radios and traveled between Carnatic, Rahman and the 80s. Of course after that he got pestered to sing throughout the next day. The weather was also perfect for singing and we ended up watching the rain from Starbucks and singing.

Unfortunately I now have to reprogram myself to stop singing and humming in public since my colleagues have begun to give me a weird look. Doesn’t help either that personal radio isn’t local ;p.

So this is a call for another personal radio – please send your audio files for application! ;p

Good music and good company always the best combination.

Ps : thats the only compliment you're getting ;p

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not so easy

I got this mail that sounded simple but I was stuck on one question eventhough my alphabet is pretty versatile. So give it a try in the comment section - lets see if you get this ;p

It's harder than it looks! Hit forward, erase my answers, enter yours, and send it on to 5 to 10 people including the one that sent this to you. Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things..nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.





veterinary dr


Vaseline (this was super hard to think)



vis was watching something vile


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Apparently fame can go to people’s heads.

I was out dancing with friends when we heard that a bunch of actors would be turning up at the club. The buzz word was the Saroja team would be in the house. I remember when their first hit movie was a blaze in theatres, the team brought the house down in a local Chennai club making an effort to speak and mingle with their fans.

So naturally a lot of people got excited and the club decided to play their hit songs. As the team walked in the DJ announced their arrival. They walked into a corner without acknowledging the crowd and remain there till the club closed. Even when the lights were switched on they were still at their corner.

Given that this was one of the most famous clubs in town, it wasn’t the first time a celebrity has been present.

I remember the time Singer/ actor Yugendran was in the club around the time where one of his movies had been doing very well. He stopped at a few tables and spoke to a few people and when the DJ invited him to the stage, he gladly obliged and even sang us a song which by the way was really good.

I truly believe that the more talented a person is the more humble they are, for example all the musicians I have met, every single one had been the epitome of humbleness. These people are experts in their fields and yet they act as if they are no one important.

I’m sure you guys remember my brush with Surya and then another friend finally met up with him while on duty and he for all his fame was pretty humble.

I loved the movie Saroja more than I did Chennai, but the core reasons these movies worked is they didn’t project any one of them as a hero but rather focused on characters and friendship which is why the movies work. This to me is the only winning formula for the Saroja team given their first 2 movies which were more hero centric failed miserably.

I hope they remember that their popularity is really per movie and not per actor. They unfortunately don’t have the looks for that and let’s face it that’s what the industry is all about.

They could have popped on stage for a minute, said hi to their Malaysian fans, and left. No one expected them to do more than that. Malaysians don’t really hog artists, we understand the concept of giving space. While I wasn’t bothered whether I saw them or not, a lot of people were hoping to and they were disappointed.

So I suggest they get of their high horses and remember that you’re as good as your last film. Fame can go at a click of a button.

Monday, October 13, 2008


.... well Canon will be hosting a 12 hour Photo Maraton at Berjaya Times Square on 1 November 2008. Apparently the marathon will be styled in the fashion of a treasure hunt to test participants creativity and photography skills.
Good news to compact camera users, the competition will be open to both compact and dslr users. I wonder if we can take part under both categories?

While the competition is free for all Canon users, non canon photographers can take part by paying a RM 15.00 fee.

I think the format is definetly welcoming to the growing number of photographers in Malaysia and is quite vendor friendly.

So anyone wishing to win one of the yummy prizes head on to their site to register online.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Life ...

The celebration of arts ... Every year around this time life gets me thinking. Well I used to not have time to think as I’d be surrounded by a buzz of activities decorating, performing at least 5 items, directing and coordinating a few and tons of practice. I practically lived at my music school. But it also meant I got tangled in a lot of unwanted problems.

These years I limit performances to a maximum of 3 for Navarathri, and spend the rest of the days watching others perform or attending prayers. I didn’t even perform anywhere this year and declined offers coz I knew I’d be busy with a new job. Truthfully while I sometimes miss the buzz, I’m glad I’m out of that web of politics I kept getting myself dragged in. There’s a lot I wish I was still a part of but when I weigh it with what I’ve gone through, I pat myself for walking away.

Life is not worth all the heartaches that comes with being somebody. I’ve said it before you’re scott free to do anything as long as you’re not outstanding. Stay under the radar and the world will ignore and leave you alone.

That unfortunately has been something I’ve never been able to do. Hey don’t blame me for wanting to be one of the best in anything I’m involved in.

Lets not even go too far. Photography was a hobby I started taking seriously because of my love for it yet was unable to pursue sooner because of the cost. Today I have photographers who personally know me, steal my ideas and practically hog my flickr page and never leave a comment. Yet are able to quote every single image when they see me.

So has life always been one sour experience after the other? Well yes and no.

I have photographers from all over the world, amazing photographers who I look up to who make it a point to acknowledge your work. They don’t need to but they do.

That’s where I learn the second most important lesson in life. Greatness comes with humility. You will only face problems with people who have nothing to show. But the truly great are ever willing to help, teach and encourage your endeavours.

The musicians and dancers I have met, the people who have always encouraged me. Everytime we meet the first thing they ask is are you still performing. Or the musicians who see me at a performance who insist they should see me performing at the next function. Their love has kept me sane.

These have been the reason why I refuse to give up on my passions. I’ll stay clear off the nutcases and their associations. But as long as I can I will continue to learn and perform gifts god has bestowed on me.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Grace Every year I wait for this time to come. To me this is the most important festival, everything else comes second to this.

The celebration of the goddess.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Tyre Tyrant

I think at some point in my previous life I must have been a tyre tyrant. That probably explains why in my 11 years of driving 4 different cars, I’ve had to change tyres 6 times!

Tyre number 6 punctured itself on the eve of Raya. What a way to start a holiday eh?

We had gone out for dinner with friends and as I was driving back to drop one of my friends back I heard a funny noise coming from the car and decided to investigate. Turns out the tyre had gone flat. So I laughed and mentally calculated which number it was while my friend called up another friend who had just left to come and give us a hand.

Now I know how to change a tyre, I’ve got the experience. My only problem is I never have enough strength to do it. You’ll understand what I mean if you’ve ever cranked up a jack and unbolted the nuts!

So when my friend turned up he goes, actually I’ve never changed a tyre before. Talk about luck!

Anyways we take turns jacking the car and finally it came time to unbolt the nuts. Now I’m not tiny neither are my friends. There we were standing and jumping on the nutbolter and it just refused to budge. We somehow manage to open 3 of the nuts but one nut stubbornly remained intact, it took us nearly 30 mins to get it off and we were nearly giving up.

Then we couldn’t get the tire out. It was just stuck! Now I’ve complained before that my car has its own mind and it’s a bit over technical for me. I still don’t know how I managed to get it out all I know, we were laughing our heads off while wondering wtf!

By the time we were done, we were super tired and badly in need of drinks. Who says you need to join a gym, just change a few tyres! Lol

Ps : oh yeah I have an emergency service just couldn’t find the number! ;p

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Stop it!

I'm just sick of hearing/ reading/ listening to people secularise indians! why don't indians do this, that, go here, there, bla bla bla?

Can people quit asking silly, irrelavant questions??

Well I'm angry coz of this post and here's my response to it!

this link got sent to me coz of how ridiculous this discussion is

first photography is a hobby for most and for many a profession

whichever way it is neither a easy hobby nor a cheap one though it has become cheaper thanks to digital cameras

to excel in it you actually need to invest time and patience in learning it

a persons interest is a personal thing - it shouldnt be because the whole world is doing it, or because theres a need to increase the number of people interested in it from one race - and why does photography need to be secularised into why theres less from one race?

why is there a need to secularise everything with indians?

so whats next why arent indians into xtreme sports, adventures, sky diving, bungee jumping,

there are a lot of malaysian indians involved in photography - most just dont publicise it neither do they claim at being great in it - plus there a thousand of indians involved in the industry

at the same time there are a lot of con artist who claim themselves to be photographers and charge people for crap photographs

if they had an ounce of honesty in themselves they wouldn't be charging people for the autrocious photos they snap

id rather people get into photography because theyre interested in it and not for all the wrong reasons

no one needs to invest in dslrs if all they want is to take photos of their family n friends

stop secularising indians

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Eid Mubarak...

Eid Mubarak...

... Selamat Hari Raya

It's a bit late but lets just say I've had a busy 2 days ;)

So hope everyones having a wonderful time ;)