Friday, September 12, 2008

Why can't we be like them?

So why can't we be like them? My country has an amazing variety of food and the good thing is none of the food is Malaysianised till it loses the distinct taste of its origin.

Every year during Ramadan, stalls mushroom in each town selling some of the best Malay (muslim) food you can get. Last weekend my friends and I decided to visit one of the famed bazaars to shoot and try out the food. Half way through shooting I was dying of thirst due to my current non stop coughing syndrome but because I was in a predominatly malay area we refrained from drinking anything. By the time we purchased drinks and food and reached our cars it was about 20 minutes to the break of fast for muslims and since we were standing in front of a restaurant, we decided to join them as well.

As we were the only none muslims in the restaurant we decided to wait for the fast time as well. As the azan blared on a tv set behind us, we quietly watched everyone around us say a prayer and once they began to eat, we too finally had our drinks and food.

We could have just eaten and no one could have said anything to us but that would have been rude.

What I don't get is why there's still a bunch of people who will insist that you should fast as well if you want to join a ramadan fast breaking dinner or to even buy food at the bazaar. We've never insisted that you do the same when we're fasting or observing a vegetarian fast, do we? It isn't the smartest move to insist on inflicting your views on others.

Children have an innocence that is so beautiful, they will smile and laugh with you regardless of your colour, race and religion, neither do they insist you do things their way or place rules as conditions to your friendship.

So why can't we be like them?

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