Thursday, September 25, 2008

Half shirt ??? ewww

I was watching this video on a presentation and was totally distracted by this guy who was wearing one of those half shirts – where both halfs of a shirt comes from different materials. Plus he was bald and reminded me of my friend, as she has a fixation for bald men. I was further distracted by his constant rubbing of his bald head throughout the 45 minutes presentation, I mean I’d understand fixation with hair but your bald scalp?

Anyways what possessed first the designer and then people to actually wear these half shirts? And didn’t the fashion vanish sometime back? And why are people still wearing it? So any closet half shirt wearers here?

Come on fess up! ;p


Hurley said...

yo, dropping by. You are a great photographer. Hope to see you soon in travelling =P

@rnila said...

ur fren has a fixation for bald men huh...hmmmm :)

visithra said...

hurley : thanks - hope so too ;)

arnila : hehehe oh yeah she does ;p