Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Water day

4 saints?

Last Sunday I chaperoned my kids to the local waterpark. The kids were being hosted by students from a local college and they needed someone to supervise the children. So there I was dropping my friend of at the train station when I get a call from the home saying the organizers had arrived an hour earlier and could I get there asap. Unfortunately KL traffic doesn’t understand the word URGENT – luckily I managed to get there after driving through all the shortcuts I knew!

I practically drove the car into a vacant parking lot and jumped out of it and rushed to the bus. The moment I got on the kids went on a akka (sis) frenzy. We hadn’t seen each other in some time and I must say, one of the most beautiful feeling in the world is being missed ;p

Gripping for life? ;p Wrinkled toes ;p

So I dropped my bag at the front seat and walked up to each kid and had a short chat with them. Of course most of it centered on why I hadn’t visited them in a long time. Long time being 2 months ;p lol

The moment we got there I got the kids separated and delegated to their partner student before heading into the park. Of course each one was given due warning to not be naughty or word would be sent home.

Knowing me, they figured I meant business and were pretty well behaved and had lots of fun. The visitors at the park we pretty confused though. They spent quite some time wondering why 30 kids kept running to me and going akka akka ;p Curiosity finally got the better of them when they began asking me who the kids were.

Just another day... Ahoy mate! ;p

I spent the time clicking at the posing kids and walking up and down the park making sure they were all ok. The kids practically tired out their hosts as they dragged them up and down the park. But I must say for college kids, they did a pretty good job in looking after the children, much better than some “adults”. All in all everyone had a good time.


-naga- said...

"Knowing me, they figured I meant business and... "

Ooo be gentle la.. ahem ;)

" ...and I must say, one of the most beautiful feeling in the world is being missed"

I know that one eh.. very true.

Balaji S Rajan said...


So kind of you. I have been reading your posts though not regularly. You are a peson who is in my list to meet atleast once in my life time. Hope I will be able to make it. Lovely pictures!

visithra said...

naga : hehehe there are times for that la ;p sometimes must be strict or they would sell me off la ;p

balaji : would love to meet u too ;p i havent had time to read other blogs - too many things happeningla