Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sour loser

She thought you were a naive idiot who will be taken by empty promises. When you proved her otherwise she was miffed as the wolf who huffed and puffed and tried to blow the door away.

Then she paraded her so called retaliation in your face, smirking as if she had won the lottery. Only to fall flat on her face when all her plans crumbled as her retaliation was nothing but a frightened mouse.

Now she accuses you, pulling accusiations from her imaginery world after hours of deliebration and so called strategy. The balls still in your court coz imaginary accusiations are just that smokey puffs of nothingness.


Jam said...

Don't mind me asking this, but is this your Mother In Law that you are talking about here, or an old friend who has turned foe now.

Very few woman to woman relationships have this kind of animosity in the world other than the ones I referred to above.

But then, I could very well be classified as a Male Chavunist Pig based on this comment.

PS: All in good humor only, no harmful intentions.


Anonymous said...

actually neither is correct - hehehe but im tickled it sounds like vengence for a mil ;p

visithra ;)

BawangMerah said...

"Very few woman to woman relationships have this kind of animosity"

That is so wrong. Women pissing over territories is a frightening sight, I tell you. Especially if they after the same pie.

visithra said...

;) lol bm ure right but nah this was something else