Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mr Crybaby

Mr Crybaby @cutiepie ;p Last Sunday I headed to help out the boys home at their booth at this Charity fair. let's just say I've nothing much to say about the fair but it was a super hot weather. So on our way back with the 3 choosen boys we saw groups of balloons sitting out in the foyer. Knowing that would excite the rest of the boys at home we took a bunch of the balloons - 40 of them I think and somehow stuffed them into 2 cars. It definetly got the kids excited.

To ensure chaos didn't break out I warned them that if there were any fights or crying I would break every single balloon. little did they know that I hate breaking balloons, it freaks me out. My mom loves doing it though, she cannot see a balloon flying peacefully after a party she just has to break one in her bare hands.

So I spent the next hour or so trying the balloons to every available string they could find so that they could sky walk the balloons of course in the process we lost the balloons to the tent or we watched them flying into the sky.

Anyway this little fella whom I've probably photographed the most since he's so enigmatic suddenly burst into tears as his ballon had flown away. Unfortunately for him, I was sitting just around the corner.

me : nah enna sohnen? aluhva kudahdu taneh ??
Didn't I say no one should cry???

him: illeh illeh nah aluvuhleh - ehn munjeh ipdhithan
no no I'm not crying, my face is always like this!

me : athanna unnaku alumunjih nu peruh
Is that why they call you crybaby?

him: amma akka - athan ehlarum ehnnaku vecah peruh
yes akka - thats the name everyone calls me

Lol innocence can be so delightful ;p


-naga- said...

Vish, nice post ;).

Just wanted to tell about your layout, hmm its a bit strange in mine for past days now.. just wondering if you're aware of it?

Bawani said...

Well, I too wanted ask you the same! What happened to your layout? Is it on purpose?

visithra said...

thanks naga n bawani - the layout has been changed ;)