Monday, August 04, 2008


He appeared on screen and the row went crazy. Amused viewers gave them quizzical looks. Who wouldn’t when a bunch of people were cheering for the appearance of Vadivelu at a Rajni movie! ;p

Ah yes I ended up watching Kuselan on the very first day with a bunch of Vadivelu fans. Put Surya and Vadivelu together these gals would probably approach vadivelu first! Don’t ask I don’t get it either! ;p

I had expected to see less of Rajni on screen coz I got a glimpse of the preview of the film so I was quite happy to see him longer on screen then the 20 mins I was expecting.

The movie is loosely based on the Krishna story of Kuselan and Krishna. Kuselan is supposed to have been Krishna’s childhood friend – the premise of the movie – childhood friendship. Of course the storyline was taken from another Malayalam movie.

The hero of the movie is pasupathy and tells about this honest man who despite hard times was happy till his childhood friend superstar turns up in his small town. He begans to lose sleep when people began to pester him to introduce them to superstar, a friend he hadn’t seen before stardom came knocking.

It’s a simple movie with a hear warming story of friendship and also a tribute to 75 years of tamil cinema. Of course surprisingly Rajni answers some questions he is often asked. So that was interesting too. The climax of the movie may have you in tears so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Its also not the usual fanfare rajni movie, focusing more on Pasupathys character then on rajni.

It was good to see some of my favourite character artist back on screen. I’m in love with the cinematography work of one Arvind. Wow amazing each screen looked out of amazing photo. Of course the weird graphicz of dolphins jumping in a lake is laughable.

Otherwise it’s a different movie you should watch. I loved it though I don’t it will satisfy everyone, some even call it boring. I guess you cant please everyone, the complaints either its too flimsy or too boring. Funny that it always comes from a same bunch of a certain stars fans! ;p

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