Friday, August 08, 2008

Earrings or curlz

Which is more beautiful..... I love my earrings.

I love my curlz.

Unfortunately they don’t like each other. Because of this I’m always losing on of my earrings for no apparent reason.....

So for the last 2 years since I’ve had the curls, I’ve made a collection of single earrings. Most of the time I convert them into lockets but its just so sad to lose them earrings.

I bought this lovely pair of blood red ones in Bangkok. Guess where I lost them? At the theatre! I walked out of the movie and my friend goes “why are you wearing just one earring?” they just fall off or get tangled with my hair and exit at where ever they please and I wouldn’t have felt a thing!

Occasionally I’d have someone running after me with one of my earrings. Thank god fur such lovely souls. They saved me the embarrassment of walking around like a pirate with a year missing! Hell I’m not making any fashion statement.

My only solution is to either stop wearing these hook ons and use stud earrings or take my mothers suggestion:

Mom : you should just ball your head then you won’t complain about ur lost earrings!
Me : !!!!!


gina said...

If you put cellophane tape behind your ear lobes.. would it help? Hahaha!! Kidding!

visithra said...

hehehe have to tryla ;p heheheh