Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Charm of a town

The streets of a fishermans village

A decade ago twice a year the whole family would jump into the car and head on a long journey through bumpy roads we had christened “the-horseback-riding-we-will-never-need-to-do", to visit relatives in Kuala Selangor. So when the group decided to head to Kuala Selangor early this year (yes I know I seem to post stories really late), I was pretty excited as the last time I'd been there we got lost on our back from a wedding.

Kuala Selangor is said to be the old royal capital of Selangor while you won't be seeing palaces or forts thanks to the Dutch who destroyed the forts on Bukit Melawati during the 17th century, this huge area has quite a lot of things behind its old town facade.

Up in the air shadows tell a story

Kuala Selangor is mostly known as the area with acres of rubber and palm oil plantation and for the gastronomic bunch its also one of the best places to have scrumptious sea food. Besides that drive just a few kms out of the main town and you'll reach a malay settlement area with beautiful majestic malay traditional homes doting the main road with acres of paddy fields as its background.

The town had also served as a lookout point with its highest point, Bukit Melawati the home to golden haired monkeys and a lighthouse. We had gone up to Bukit Melawati and were astonished by the sight in front of us, the Selangor coastline was a sight for sore eyes.

Baby Aren't you even scared of me???

However I'll have to admit that the monkeys proved to be more attractive to our lenses as the whole group spent close to an hour coaxing the monkeys to pose for us while making sure we had enough space to jump away if the monkey tried to jump at us. Let's just say one cheeky monkey was found hanging on to one of our unsuspecting friends. You will also find a few museums in the vicinity of the hill area.

As the hill is situated right at the centre of town, get a one way ticket on the hill train and get up the hill. On the way down, try climbing down the hill as it's not only good exercise but the clean air and beautiful sceneries should be a treat in itself.

Burning fields Jump Village home

I love old quaint towns as they offer you the best hospitality available. We had opted to meet up with the rest of the group in Kuala Selangor itself. As we had arrived early we got to taste some excellent local food at a small unassuming little chinese coffeeshop near the main bus station. Looking like city slickers, the owners were quite curious about us but food tends to bring people together and they were soon suggesting more food items for us to eat.

Curious kids Village life
Next on we headed towards the paddy fields beyond Pasir Penampang. Unfortunately the paddy had just been harvested and the farmers were busy clearing the fields. Though we missed golden paddy, we did get to meet some lovely kids who gamely posed for us.

At one point our convey of cars got stuck at a dead end we had gone into to investigate. I'm sure the villagers must have had a ball laughing at us as we set about slowly reversing out of the dead end dirt road.

Fishing village

We then headed back to Pasir Penampang fishermans village for our share of seafood. The fisherman usually return back from fishing mid afternoon and the small town is dotted with restaurants and markets selling the fresh catch of the day. It's also a treasure throve of trinkets for photographers looking to shoot unusual and daily life.

Imagine I'm cute

A whole day at Kuala Selangor wasn't really sufficient as we had only browsed past the estates and missed many of the small estate temples and pottery factories. The best way to head to Kuala Selangor is to get unto the Sungai Buloh highway and follow directions towards Kuala Selangor.

The roads are no longer the bumpy ride they once used to be but the charm of Kuala Selangor still remains.

4s a party Curious man Children

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-naga- said...

How how how??

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Vish, I am making a pact for myself, next year resolution in fact, that is to enrol in a photography course!! And/or learn how to use my camera properly.. sigh.

p/s With those pics, I don't think layout is a big issue at all!!

ashok said...

beautiful post..loved the umbrella snap

visithra said...

naga : well study other photos n read up the basics ;) it will help

ashok : hey hows u - hope ure doing good n thanks ;)

ashok said...

doing fine visit...visited singapore & Malaysia again but didnt have time to get ur coordinates...hope to meet u next time...