Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Charm of a town

The streets of a fishermans village

A decade ago twice a year the whole family would jump into the car and head on a long journey through bumpy roads we had christened “the-horseback-riding-we-will-never-need-to-do", to visit relatives in Kuala Selangor. So when the group decided to head to Kuala Selangor early this year (yes I know I seem to post stories really late), I was pretty excited as the last time I'd been there we got lost on our back from a wedding.

Kuala Selangor is said to be the old royal capital of Selangor while you won't be seeing palaces or forts thanks to the Dutch who destroyed the forts on Bukit Melawati during the 17th century, this huge area has quite a lot of things behind its old town facade.

Up in the air shadows tell a story

Kuala Selangor is mostly known as the area with acres of rubber and palm oil plantation and for the gastronomic bunch its also one of the best places to have scrumptious sea food. Besides that drive just a few kms out of the main town and you'll reach a malay settlement area with beautiful majestic malay traditional homes doting the main road with acres of paddy fields as its background.

The town had also served as a lookout point with its highest point, Bukit Melawati the home to golden haired monkeys and a lighthouse. We had gone up to Bukit Melawati and were astonished by the sight in front of us, the Selangor coastline was a sight for sore eyes.

Baby Aren't you even scared of me???

However I'll have to admit that the monkeys proved to be more attractive to our lenses as the whole group spent close to an hour coaxing the monkeys to pose for us while making sure we had enough space to jump away if the monkey tried to jump at us. Let's just say one cheeky monkey was found hanging on to one of our unsuspecting friends. You will also find a few museums in the vicinity of the hill area.

As the hill is situated right at the centre of town, get a one way ticket on the hill train and get up the hill. On the way down, try climbing down the hill as it's not only good exercise but the clean air and beautiful sceneries should be a treat in itself.

Burning fields Jump Village home

I love old quaint towns as they offer you the best hospitality available. We had opted to meet up with the rest of the group in Kuala Selangor itself. As we had arrived early we got to taste some excellent local food at a small unassuming little chinese coffeeshop near the main bus station. Looking like city slickers, the owners were quite curious about us but food tends to bring people together and they were soon suggesting more food items for us to eat.

Curious kids Village life
Next on we headed towards the paddy fields beyond Pasir Penampang. Unfortunately the paddy had just been harvested and the farmers were busy clearing the fields. Though we missed golden paddy, we did get to meet some lovely kids who gamely posed for us.

At one point our convey of cars got stuck at a dead end we had gone into to investigate. I'm sure the villagers must have had a ball laughing at us as we set about slowly reversing out of the dead end dirt road.

Fishing village

We then headed back to Pasir Penampang fishermans village for our share of seafood. The fisherman usually return back from fishing mid afternoon and the small town is dotted with restaurants and markets selling the fresh catch of the day. It's also a treasure throve of trinkets for photographers looking to shoot unusual and daily life.

Imagine I'm cute

A whole day at Kuala Selangor wasn't really sufficient as we had only browsed past the estates and missed many of the small estate temples and pottery factories. The best way to head to Kuala Selangor is to get unto the Sungai Buloh highway and follow directions towards Kuala Selangor.

The roads are no longer the bumpy ride they once used to be but the charm of Kuala Selangor still remains.

4s a party Curious man Children

ps : I'm aware there's something wrong with the layout but I can't find my original file so will rectify it asap ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mr Crybaby

Mr Crybaby @cutiepie ;p Last Sunday I headed to help out the boys home at their booth at this Charity fair. let's just say I've nothing much to say about the fair but it was a super hot weather. So on our way back with the 3 choosen boys we saw groups of balloons sitting out in the foyer. Knowing that would excite the rest of the boys at home we took a bunch of the balloons - 40 of them I think and somehow stuffed them into 2 cars. It definetly got the kids excited.

To ensure chaos didn't break out I warned them that if there were any fights or crying I would break every single balloon. little did they know that I hate breaking balloons, it freaks me out. My mom loves doing it though, she cannot see a balloon flying peacefully after a party she just has to break one in her bare hands.

So I spent the next hour or so trying the balloons to every available string they could find so that they could sky walk the balloons of course in the process we lost the balloons to the tent or we watched them flying into the sky.

Anyway this little fella whom I've probably photographed the most since he's so enigmatic suddenly burst into tears as his ballon had flown away. Unfortunately for him, I was sitting just around the corner.

me : nah enna sohnen? aluhva kudahdu taneh ??
Didn't I say no one should cry???

him: illeh illeh nah aluvuhleh - ehn munjeh ipdhithan
no no I'm not crying, my face is always like this!

me : athanna unnaku alumunjih nu peruh
Is that why they call you crybaby?

him: amma akka - athan ehlarum ehnnaku vecah peruh
yes akka - thats the name everyone calls me

Lol innocence can be so delightful ;p

Monday, August 18, 2008



.... they're not my most favourite flower but their charm is not lost on me.

I do however have peculiar taste in them. I would never wear fully bloomed jasmine. I love the unopened fresh bunch because the tighter the buds the longer it lasts in your hair without turning brownish in colour.

I just love the feel of the little tight buds carressing my skin as I flip my hair around. A little quirk I guess ;p

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I amaze myself ;p

So I've been missing and then I'm posting on a Saturday?

Yes definetly out of routine. Darn I can never spell definetly, no spell check but I'm pretty sure its wrong.

Anyways lets just say after some very interesting events and after pissing of someone enough I'm on a long break ;p It's pretty funny what I'm quite capable of doing but it all worked out to my benefit. So I'm at the moment busy enjoying the long break. So posting will be erratic, commenting will be zero.

Toodles for now ;p

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sour loser

She thought you were a naive idiot who will be taken by empty promises. When you proved her otherwise she was miffed as the wolf who huffed and puffed and tried to blow the door away.

Then she paraded her so called retaliation in your face, smirking as if she had won the lottery. Only to fall flat on her face when all her plans crumbled as her retaliation was nothing but a frightened mouse.

Now she accuses you, pulling accusiations from her imaginery world after hours of deliebration and so called strategy. The balls still in your court coz imaginary accusiations are just that smokey puffs of nothingness.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Water day

4 saints?

Last Sunday I chaperoned my kids to the local waterpark. The kids were being hosted by students from a local college and they needed someone to supervise the children. So there I was dropping my friend of at the train station when I get a call from the home saying the organizers had arrived an hour earlier and could I get there asap. Unfortunately KL traffic doesn’t understand the word URGENT – luckily I managed to get there after driving through all the shortcuts I knew!

I practically drove the car into a vacant parking lot and jumped out of it and rushed to the bus. The moment I got on the kids went on a akka (sis) frenzy. We hadn’t seen each other in some time and I must say, one of the most beautiful feeling in the world is being missed ;p

Gripping for life? ;p Wrinkled toes ;p

So I dropped my bag at the front seat and walked up to each kid and had a short chat with them. Of course most of it centered on why I hadn’t visited them in a long time. Long time being 2 months ;p lol

The moment we got there I got the kids separated and delegated to their partner student before heading into the park. Of course each one was given due warning to not be naughty or word would be sent home.

Knowing me, they figured I meant business and were pretty well behaved and had lots of fun. The visitors at the park we pretty confused though. They spent quite some time wondering why 30 kids kept running to me and going akka akka ;p Curiosity finally got the better of them when they began asking me who the kids were.

Just another day... Ahoy mate! ;p

I spent the time clicking at the posing kids and walking up and down the park making sure they were all ok. The kids practically tired out their hosts as they dragged them up and down the park. But I must say for college kids, they did a pretty good job in looking after the children, much better than some “adults”. All in all everyone had a good time.

License on the net

I usually renew my license once in 3 years, I could do the 5 year thingy but somehow I always opt for the 3 year renewal. I usually renew it at the nearest post office and though there’s one just across the highway from my office, I decided to try out the myeg online renewal site. I was just curious to see if this works.

So last week I entered my details and paid for the service. I also opted to pay for the company to send me the renewed license to my office. 2 days later I received my new license. My kudos to the team for the fast and efficient service.

Next on my list to try out will be my roadtax.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Earrings or curlz

Which is more beautiful..... I love my earrings.

I love my curlz.

Unfortunately they don’t like each other. Because of this I’m always losing on of my earrings for no apparent reason.....

So for the last 2 years since I’ve had the curls, I’ve made a collection of single earrings. Most of the time I convert them into lockets but its just so sad to lose them earrings.

I bought this lovely pair of blood red ones in Bangkok. Guess where I lost them? At the theatre! I walked out of the movie and my friend goes “why are you wearing just one earring?” they just fall off or get tangled with my hair and exit at where ever they please and I wouldn’t have felt a thing!

Occasionally I’d have someone running after me with one of my earrings. Thank god fur such lovely souls. They saved me the embarrassment of walking around like a pirate with a year missing! Hell I’m not making any fashion statement.

My only solution is to either stop wearing these hook ons and use stud earrings or take my mothers suggestion:

Mom : you should just ball your head then you won’t complain about ur lost earrings!
Me : !!!!!

If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children....

"If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children," russian judge rules..... A judge in Russia ruled that sexual harrassement is ok as it ensures human breed!

"If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children," russian judge rules.....

What is wrong with these people!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Irresponsible idiots

An infant died while a Jet Airways plane was decending. A life was lost just like that because one airways was less stringent with required safety procedures. I hope the crew and airline never sleep in peace again!

Please sign the online petition here.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Memory ....

How long does a memory last ....How Long does a memory last.....

......till the flower withers?

Monday, August 04, 2008


He appeared on screen and the row went crazy. Amused viewers gave them quizzical looks. Who wouldn’t when a bunch of people were cheering for the appearance of Vadivelu at a Rajni movie! ;p

Ah yes I ended up watching Kuselan on the very first day with a bunch of Vadivelu fans. Put Surya and Vadivelu together these gals would probably approach vadivelu first! Don’t ask I don’t get it either! ;p

I had expected to see less of Rajni on screen coz I got a glimpse of the preview of the film so I was quite happy to see him longer on screen then the 20 mins I was expecting.

The movie is loosely based on the Krishna story of Kuselan and Krishna. Kuselan is supposed to have been Krishna’s childhood friend – the premise of the movie – childhood friendship. Of course the storyline was taken from another Malayalam movie.

The hero of the movie is pasupathy and tells about this honest man who despite hard times was happy till his childhood friend superstar turns up in his small town. He begans to lose sleep when people began to pester him to introduce them to superstar, a friend he hadn’t seen before stardom came knocking.

It’s a simple movie with a hear warming story of friendship and also a tribute to 75 years of tamil cinema. Of course surprisingly Rajni answers some questions he is often asked. So that was interesting too. The climax of the movie may have you in tears so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Its also not the usual fanfare rajni movie, focusing more on Pasupathys character then on rajni.

It was good to see some of my favourite character artist back on screen. I’m in love with the cinematography work of one Arvind. Wow amazing each screen looked out of amazing photo. Of course the weird graphicz of dolphins jumping in a lake is laughable.

Otherwise it’s a different movie you should watch. I loved it though I don’t it will satisfy everyone, some even call it boring. I guess you cant please everyone, the complaints either its too flimsy or too boring. Funny that it always comes from a same bunch of a certain stars fans! ;p

Bar hopping

..... an observation.

First bar
No one looks nice so you head to the second bar

Second Bar
No one looks nice so you head to the third bar

Third bar
Everyone looks awesome after the third drink! ;p