Friday, July 04, 2008

Window to the World

Window to the World

After 5 hours of painstakingly putting photos together and having to redo half of the pages, thanks to a MAC that hanged (very rare apparently – huh! ;p) , yesterday I finally received my first ever coffeetable book or photoboook from ECAZSTUDIOS.


It came out exactly as I had pictured it, no glitches or whatever, no dull colours, no corrected colours, beautiful printing, amazingly well done textures on glossy paper. I am so in love with the results. ECAZSTUDIOS you blew my mind away and delivered as promised. Thank you for the coupon and for doing such a wonderful job.

It’s pretty easy to get the book done, either download the software from their site and build it on your MAC or go over to one of the MACHINES outlets and work on your book there.

I love the friendliness of the staff at Machines, Midvalley. Those boys definetly love their MACs.

Window to the world” contains 2 and a half years worth of photographs, a few quotes and 2 of my poems – one of which I’ve included below.

It is an unbelievable to see your work in print. I couldn’t sleep at all last night.

I’ll post the pages here one by one soon after I figure out how to do it.

Now the name “Window to the world” is no coincidence.

For the last 8 years of my working life, I’ve always had a folder with the exact title on all my desktops. It was my window to the world – and that is photography to me.


< naga > said...

Hey by any chance you publishing it?? And for sale?

visithra said...

aww thanks for asking - i'd love to if there were enough request - lets see ;)

< naga > said...

OK 1 order please !! :D

Must be sent to Australia.. hmmm.. ;p

visithra said...

hehehe lets see ok ;) no promises