Monday, July 07, 2008

Walking the mangroove

UsDuring my visit to Penang last year, we dropped by Kuala Sepetang, Perak to check out the fisherman village and the mangrove reserve. Both turned out to be excellent places to visit for a photobug.

The place is totally quiet as not many people visit though entrance is free and they have built a ramp around the mangrove for people to walk around. There are also chalets inside the mangrove area that go for RM 30 per night and we were told about 8 – 10 people can fit in the room though you’ll have to bring your own sleeping gear. Could be a future camping spot ;)

It’s a surreal feeling to be amidst this giant trees and feel at peace and totally alone eventhough you know people are around the area.

Having walked nearly ¾ of the way we were not sure whether to continue or stop in our tracks as we didn’t want to be trapped still walking in there. It was already 6 pm it was getting darker by the minute. While there are lights in front of the chalets, there are none along the walkways. Serenity can turn scary in the dark ;p

Anyway I hear people walking from the opposite direction and decided to ask them but the whole family decides to ignore us. Probably thought we were ghosts or they were just plain rude. Luckily an old man walking from the direction we came told us we could continue walking to get out and told us to follow him.

Retired with around 7 children, besides the last one, most of his children had finished their studies and were working. Bored from no longer being a fisherman, he comes there every now and then to jog or walk at the mangrove reserve. Lovely man, once we were out he gave us directions towards our parking area and waited to make sure we got our bearings right.

If you want to see the river you don’t have to walk into the forest it is near the parking area itself. The management can arrange boats for a trip down the river for 10 I think. There was a wooden floating platform tied to the river bend and we decided to test out our sea feet. Thankfully it wasn’t wobbly like the boat we had taken that afternoon at the village.

We ended up enjoying the beautiful view of the misty mountains on one side and the sounds of the mangrove from the plank before we finally said goodbye to the place and headed back to Penang.

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