Monday, July 21, 2008

Revisiting Pekeliling

Free as a birdOh shit I’ll call you back!!!

That’s how I woke up on Sunday morning when Prav called for directions to our photowalk location. It was already 7.50 am and I was supposed to pick up the friends at 7.45am! So I took a quick shower, grabbed the charged batteries and ran out of the house, jumped into the car and called her back to give her directions.

There went all my plans to don a skirt and do a photo session. Oh well there's always other times. This would be my third visit to the Pekeliling flats and I was looking to do some flash photography, check out the excellent but crazily hot view at the roof and some gothic shots.

We climbed 18 floors to reach the roof, dallying between floors and shooting the abandoned building. It was the first time visit for a few of them and as expected the first view inside the building never fails to shock.

Sometimes I wonder why the left so many things, was it in a rush or like Kaz put it, to restart their lives? Remnants of the lives of the occupants continues to linger in each home. The most disturbing being the children shoes you’d find in most of the homes.

The sizes of the homes are normally the second shock.

“This would still be lived in and considered a luxury in South Africa”

Hard to swallow but reality is this could still be homes for people elsewhere in the world.

I think the roof has a temptation ghost as everytime we’re up there I keep screaming my head of and spanking someone for getting too close to the edge. That’s a 18 storey drop mind you! I love the shot but he definitely got smacked for going crazy on us!

Pekeliling to me is a reality check, it tells me I’m blessed in many ways and that no matter how high I climb, I need to strengthen my roots to ground myself.

Love till the building collapses


< naga > said...

Aiks no pics?? Loved the pics in the link though..

visithra said...

lol not enough time edit all of them

Scorpion said...

Used to live there! Great location, centre of every amenities. Sigh! missed it a lot!