Thursday, July 17, 2008

MILO addict

Minum MILO and jadi sihat dan kuat!

Drink MILO to stay strong and healthy!

That’s the slogan every kid knew as they were growing up. Milo could be called our national drink and I confess my only addiction!

My whole life has revolved around this drink in its familiar green tin. When we were young, they used to send a grebe MILO truck every now and then to school on an extremely hot day.

Each of us will be given one tiny little cup of the best cold MILO ever. How I wish I could buy those drinks but no everyone had only access to one cup of MILO. Till today I still don’t get how those drinks taste so good. No matter how well made a cup of MILO is you can never get that taste.

So much so I’m planning to raid a school sports day soon just for a cup! Yes I think they still serve those drinks. So if you ever hear of the hijacking of a MILO truck, it was probably me! ;p

I never wanted anything else when I was growing up, not to mention the fact that tea gives me a headache and I only like drinking coffee when I’m in India.

I remember I used to come home to this big silverish mug (tumbler) of ice cold milo which I could only have after lunch. It was my moms incentive to make me eat. I used to hate eating and rather enjoyed skipping meals. No I wasn’t on a diet, I was just too lazy to eat. Yep talk about the height of laziness.

Whenever I leave the country for my travels I have this whole MILO ritual I need to do. It starts with a daily intake of MILO and the very last thing I do at the airport is grab a glass of it which normally comes from MCDs. I’m not too fond of their MILO but it does its job. Then the moment I get back I have to have my MILO immediately. MILO you could say is my bond to my country.

Throughout the trip I’ll have cravings for MILO or ice chocolate drinks. When we were in Bangkok, our guesthouse restaurant served an amazing glass of ice chocolate drink, it was literarily heaven on earth. I thought finally found a country that recognizes my favourite drink.

My joy was short-lived I couldn’t find a single restaurant that served Ice chocolate in Chiang Mai. It was just so weird. We finally did find one young gal who was serving Ice Chocolate drinks at a Songkran fair. We ended up having a conversation with her on why Chiang Mai refuses to serve my favourite drink. Its my only peeve against the town, I love everything else about it.

Naturally my obsession with the drink is known by most. Usually by my 3rd visit to a restaurant they would have memorized my drink taste. So when I do order something else, they often get upset. This was the conversation I had with a waiter yesterday,

Me : blurts out my orders
Waiter : ….and MILO ice?
Me : errr nope
Waiter : You sure or not???
Me : errr yeah
Waiter : oooh ok

I head to the cashier to pay and ….

Cashier : no milo
Me : huh
Cashier : you sure you don’t want milo?
Me :lol yes I’m sure

Ah yes people do know how to make a MILO addicts day, now I need a glass! Damn!! ;p


Maya said...

hi there..

you must be a school runner in school days eh..?

Me said...

Is this a recycled post. I remember reading about MILO long time back.

visithra said...

maya : lol nope i wasnt ;)

me : hehehe nah i check - nowadays i check if ive written on something before writing - coz i kinda have written a lot ;p

i did however write about the travel milo ritual ;p plus theres a few posts with milo mentioned ;p

Javits said...

Oh! man I loved milo as a kid.. I mean I still do!

Gusti Adipati said...

then....u should be listening to MILA NA MILO from the movie Love Story 2050

praveen said...

yeap...we are all well aware about your addiction :)

visithra said...

javits : as a kid?? ohh u have milo there?

i usually cant find it outside msia n sg

gusti : lol maybe i should

praveen : hehehe how would u not ;p