Monday, July 14, 2008

A little town ....

... I call home.


I live in a little town on the outskirts of KL. People always ask me why I’m willing to travel 60 kms per day just to get to and from work. I tell them its coz my little town is an absolute wonder.

It’s a little town with beautiful smiles and friendly people. We have a few farms, ranch, all kinds of trees, mining pool lakes, parks, quaint old town markets and shops, shopping complexes, old houses, a green university, excellent food, temples and mosques, cemeteries and boulevards and so much more all just 5 minutes away from each other.

Breaking Dawn On a journey

After talking so much about my place, I took my friends on a trip around town and we’re yet to finish even half of what the town has to offer. Shooting right from sunrise, we then sneaked into the ranch. Right after with our stomachs growling, we headed to my favourite breakfast place where I’ve been having absolutely delicious Chee Chong fun’s for the last 20 years at least.

Cowboy town? Dew drops on a sunday morning Journey

Little town series Of course the moment they saw me with Kerv, the 70 ish aunties couldn’t resist asking if he was my bf. We were quick to tell them no we were just friends. Kerv was amazed with the friendliness of the people. My town people can be super friendly and till today I don’t recall any incident of extreme racism, weird neighbours yes but no ones gonna put you down coz of your skin colour.

We packed our food and sat down to eat at another corner shop, where another hawker gave us her bowls to use. You can bring outside food in as long as you bought food as well. You could say that our food remains amazing coz its still being served by generations of cooks rather than foreign help.

Stuffed to our bones we headed to the morning market to shoot photos. We however had the daunting task of finding a valid parking. In our quest we ended watching a Chinese funeral instead yet the parking remained elusive. People are pretty considered, no one parks in front of anyone’s house door.

Little town series Market Cool boy

This is probably one of the few markets where you’ll find the uncles and aunties talking to you in perfect English. The market sells the most unusual stuff and is peppered with every little imaginable authentic food.

Little town series This vegetable vendor aunty ended up spanking me after I showed her a photo I took of her. As usual I gave everyone enough entertainment. ;p

Little town series Sweet treatWe had so much fun at this stall. The aunty was happily posing for us with her family and giving us entertainment. We then decided to go for a drink at this nearby coffee shop. The customers at the shop had been curiously watching us take photos.

Just another day Over coffee....

The shop was out of the pages of small towns. Quaint yet warm, filled with smiles and lazy morning customers. watching the market go by. Lovely service too, this man brought us our drinks with smiles and jokes. I just love the light at the shop.

Food for the soul Little town series

Little town series Little town series

Of course not everything was rosy. A yuppie had to spoil our mood. We were passing by another coffee shop in the market when we bumped into a table of ladies laughing away and so we sneaked a shot and they started laughing and putting a shor for us. Ms yuppie turns back and goes oh you can’t take photos of people without their permission.

Here’s the thing with photography. You can take anyones shot in public as long as you don’t use it for commercial or illegal uses. You cannot take photos inside a private building without the owners permission.

So I told her off and walked away.

After the market we headed to walking park at the university. I love this place. I’ve sat around there so many times, enjoying the beauty of the place and I’ve wanted to shoot there forever. It was actually the first place I went to shoot photos after I got my pns camera the canon Powershot 620.

Charging horses Geese on the move The road Lonely or alone

So it was good to go there again. The place is filled with these huge old trees which are probably a few decades old since the university is one of the oldest and greenest. We had Prav model for us and shot some really interesting photos. Of course in the process we did nutty stuff. One point we were sleeping in the middle of a road when this car suddenly stops behind us. He was chuckling away in the car.

We tried shooting at one of the big trees but they were all swamped with red ants and we really weren’t looking at getting bitten. Then we spotted this picnic table and at one point I ended up standing over prav on the picnic table ;p heheh yeah it was funny for us but must have looked weird to ppl coz after a while the park securities turned up to check what we were doing.

I’m sure the look of a someone covered in white cloth and hands tied doesn’t look normal but we were going for a theme. So we explained ourselves to the security guys and wrapped up shooting.

It was good to know the security acted fast and came by to check on what was going on. They’ve always been like that. And so ended our day in my little town, of course after a late lunch.

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jintanputih said...

Hey which town is this? And is the green uni UNITEN? Lovely pics btw!

< naga > said...

Hey you have outdone yourself this time!! Seriously, would you consider releasing your pictures as wallpapers? :D

Gusti Adipati said...

Hey babe.....

i'm humbly asking you this question again after a few months now...he he he

Will you take photographs of my wedding in will be outdoor setting at early morning 4.30 AM!

I know you said the last time that your camera is suited for outdoor shoots hope you can consider this request.... :)

please email me at

thanks girl.

visithra said...

jintanputih : thanks - err the reason the info is not there is coz I don't wanna reveal where i live - nope Uniten is definetly not the greenest univ - not even no 2 spot.

naga : thanks ;) nope i already have enough problems of ppl stealing them even when theyre this small in size

gusti : awww thanks for asking again - precisely on time too - just launched this ;) ;)

you've got mail ;)