Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Ah the perks of having friends everywhere, you get invited to the most interesting parties. And so a few weeks back when I was invited to attend the inaugural Pole Dancing Competition by my friend who was participating in it, I jumped at the chance.......

And told all my friends especially the guys about it! You can imagine the jealousy that was brewing, the boys of course called me a horrible friend for not taking them along.

The competition was held at a swanky club in Sunway and to our surprise they had a few poles installed across the club. Apparently the owners decided to install them after agreeing to host the event. It was also a costume party – themed Moulin Rouge. I had to go on a boa hunt to find a feather boa.

I was totally impressed with the contestants and of course very proud that my friend won – second prize – she really deserved to. Now if you think how hard can dancing around a pole be, it’s not easy to be sexy or to hang off a pole with only your legs for support. And I’m amazed by the gals confidence, everyone was doing it as a hobby. The loudest cheers naturally came from the women in the crowd.

Pole dancing is a form of dancing/gymnastics. It involves dancing sensually with a vertical pole. Advanced pole dancing requires significant strength and endurance. Upper body and core strength are important to proficiency, which takes time to develop.

Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognised form of exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Recognised schools and qualifications are being developed as pole dancing increases in popularity. Pole dancing is also regarded by many as a performing art

As the club had some lovely lighting, in between the performances we had a photoshoot – and got some lovely photos. Definitely an interesting night.


Anonymous said...

OMG!OMG!!! Fat bittch. U interested in pole dancing ? Oh my oh my oh my GAWWDD!!

wahahaha.. u should be interested in ROLL dancing.. rolling all over KL.. lolx.. roll roll roll ur body gently down the federal highway...


< naga > said...

Disregarding the above comment, Visithra why didn't you tell me you going to poll dance la??

LOL I love pole dances!! They are hmm exotic, exciting... *drools* sigh

praveen said...

great pics gurl...and as usual someone conviniently decides to leave the camera at the office..geez

pole dance is interesting and is certainly an art. That was a good show :)

visithra said...

anon : ahhh so now its reduced to name calling - yawn so typical - can't win an argument - you call them names - you know your ip shows where u came from u know?

btw you can't read is it? i said i attended an event - not take part in it

ahh only the jealous come up with such statements -

I rock enough stages and dance floors to know I don't need lessons - but the two left feet boring ppl wouldn't know it would they?

naga : lol i didn't perform - a friend did - ahhh the point of the post was to make all the guys go darn i wanna go ;p hehehehe

seriously they were awesome ;p we had fun cheering ;)

praveen : thanks dear - hehehe or its with someone else ;p hehehe u ah - yeah it was ;)

< naga > said...

Uh uh Vish, sorry I think I wasn't very clear with what I meant.. I really meant that you were going to (the place, event) pole dance.. lol.. but anyway glad you had fun ;)

visithra said...

ahh u meant that - sorry - hehehe its not as if ure in the country to tell u right? apala ;p

hehe anyway i had only one extra invite n praveen got it - coz innitially men were not allowed to come ;p

oh yes lots of fun - also discovered im confirmed not attracted to the fairer sex ;p hehehe