Friday, July 04, 2008

Inspired ..... Keshi’s current post inspired this post – it’s actually a set of questions she asked and I liked the answers and so you guys get to read it.Thanks for the inspiration darling ;)

1. What have you got?
Love ;)


2. What have you lost?
Nothing – life without its ups and downs is a journey not worth taking


3. What do you see?
I see a world with a million adventures – its like a spiderweb –they all connect in some way

07 Spinned away

4. What has been censored?
the boundaries I set for myself

Copy cat. ....

5. What do you hear?
I hear the laughter of children – laughter I wish upon every soul

Love is .....

6. What has been silenced?
the need to care for another soul – we seem to have forgotten

Morning light

7. What do you feel?
I feel I must love myself before I can love others

Do you want this?

8. What is still untouched?
my heart – it still gives despite everything

She held my finger .....

9. What have you tasted?

Going ........

10. What do you abstain from?

from hurting another who didn’t deserve to be hurt


11. What do you speak?

honesty as much as possible – even if the truth is too hard to swallow


12. What do you mute?
The lines …. I told you so



germinal dreamer said...

Lovely pics.. lovely answers.. lovely post..

visithra said...

thanks ;)