Thursday, July 24, 2008

Green Paradise

This is my DAD....

I live 20 minutes from waterfalls set amidst lushes green trails. So when Kaz insisted we head of to somewhere green, Ali, Kervin and I jumped into her car and after a brief lost of roads (they've super developed the roads!) we were driving through lush greens with our windows down with a river on one side and greenery everywhere.

lost and found Hanging bridge Towards the light

It was just an amazing drive, we'd stop by wherever place that fancied us and shoot photos, that's how we found the hanging bridge. We even ended up at a herb farm and met this sweet old lady who explained what herbs she had planted. Of course since it was next to a fish rearing pond, we got bitten alive by mosquitos.

Are they mad??? RedOne

Them we headed to my favourite waterfall, its still as beautiful just a tid bit crowded. We could have sat around longer it was just so peaceful. Spotting an old town, we stopped by to find beautiful birds at a pet shop. Friendly and talkative parrots too.

ObiWhiteKaneobi Green frame

We stopped at a few places, drove through small roads, met a few people, spotted a few aborigine families, played in the water and lots of laughter.

Ps : old story – went on the trip while I was limping away ;p

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